Who Is In This Photo? 6 Pictures Of K-Pop Idols That Utterly Confuse Fans

This is harder than it should be!

When you’re a hardcore fan of a K-Pop idol, it seems like you could recognize them just by seeing only one of their features or in the worst-quality photo. However, there have been times when idols appear so ambiguous in a picture that it’s impossible to tell for sure which idol it is! Whether it’s the angle or just poor picture quality, the following six photos have left fans scratching their heads over which idol is actually in each of them. Can you figure them out yourself?

1. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) or Xiumin (EXO)?

G-Dragon and Xiumin do share some similar characteristics, but one wouldn’t think they looked alike enough to not be able to tell which one of them is in a photo! Yet the picture above definitely confused people. The idol in the picture is actually…

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) | YG Entertainment


2. Suho (EXO) or Chanyeol (EXO)?

We would argue that there are other pairs in EXO that look more alike than Suho and Chanyeol, but somehow this photo looks like both of them! The idol in the photo is actually…

Chanyeol (EXO) | SM Entertainment


3. YoonA (Girls’ Generation) or Krystal (f(x))?

Both of these beauties could be the female idol pictured in the photo above, and it’s undeniable that whoever it is has a beautiful side profile. The idol in the photo is actually…

Krystal (f(x)) | SM Entertainment


4. Jimin (BTS) or Jungkook (BTS) on the left?

On the right side of the photo, it’s easy to tell that V is in the picture. But which of the group’s maknae line is on the left side? The idol in the photo with V is actually…


5. T.O.P (BIGBANG) or Kim Soo Hyun?

Not just idols get mistaken for each other — actors and actresses share a lot of similar traits with famous idols too! T.O.P and Kim Soo Hyun apparently have similar enough traits that it’s hard to tell who the picture above is of. The celebrity in the photo is actually…

T.O.P (BIGBANG) | YG Entertainment


6. Irene (Red Velvet) or Lee Sun Bin?

Finally, another idol-actor pairing that is hard to tell the difference between in a photo is Irene and Lee Sun Bin. The two celebrities already look fairly similar, but the picture above could be of either of them. The celebrity in the photo is actually…

Lee Sun Bin | GP Entertainment

Lee Sun Bin!