24 K-Pop Idols Praised For Their Incredible Stage Presence

Who is your favorite?

There’s no doubt that all K-Pop idols work tremendously hard during their trainee periods to become better at performing. Usually it pays off, and we’re constantly wowed by artists’ vocal and dance skills performing both solo and in a group. Idols are also often constantly trying to improve themselves even after debut, whether that’s in terms of vocal coaching or dance lessons or anything else to make them look better on stage.

Some idols, however, really stand out from the crowd.  Here’s a list of 24 idols that have been especially praised by fans for how amazing their stage presence is.


2. G-Dragon

3. TWICE’s Jihyo

4. Sunmi

5. SHINee’s Taemin

6. HyunA

7. Hyolyn

8. ITZY’s Yeji


10. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

11. G-IDLE’s Soyeon

12. ATEEZ’s San

13. MONSTA X’s Jooheon

14. WEKI MEKI’s Yoojung

15. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

16. CLC’s Seungyeon

17. TXT’s Soobin

18. Chungha

19. BTS’s V

20. Red Velvet’s Joy

21. NCT’s Taeyong

22. LOONA’s Kim Lip

23. EXO’s Kai

24. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa