10 Idols You Probably Forgot Weren’t In The Original Lineup Of Their Group

These idols feel like they’ve always been a part of their group:

Although it might seem like when a group makes their debut they will have their permanent lineup but sometimes that isn’t the case. And sometimes we even forget that even a few idols who have become such a big part of their group weren’t there from the very first day. Whether a group has an admission and graduation concept or decided to add a new member later in the group’s career, here are a few idols that you may have forgotten weren’t in the original lineup of their group.


1. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Although Yeri was technically in Red Velvet’s debut “Happiness” music video, she wasn’t there as a member! Yeri didn’t become an official member of Red Velvet until March 2015, 7 months after Red Velvet’s official debut! With her own sweet vocals perfectly blending with the other members and the way she interacts with her unnies, it’s hard to believe she wasn’t there from the very beginning!


2. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Kyuhyun has been the beloved “evil” maknae of Super Junior for 13 years now, so it often comes as a surprise to many new to the K-Pop world that Kyuhyun wasn’t a part of the original group. When Super Junior first debuted they debuted as Super Junior 05 and were going to be a part of an admission and graduation concept. Eventually, the concept idea was scrapped and in 2006 Kyuhyun was added to the group!


3. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Hyeri may be the irresistible maknae of Girl’s Day but she wasn’t always a part of the group. It wasn’t until September 2010 (2 months after the group officially debuted) that Hyeri was announced as a new member of Girl’s Day!


4. Yura (Girl’s Day)

Hyeri wasn’t the only vocal, visual, and dance powerhouse to become a part of the group later. When former members Jiin and Jisun left the group two months after debut, Yura joined Girl’s Day on the exact same day as Hyeri!


5. Yubin (former Wonder Girls member)

The iconic group originally started off with one other member. When the Wonder Girls debuted in February 2007, Hyuna was one of the original five! But in July 2007, Hyuna left the group due to health concerns and shortly after Yubin took over as lead rapper.


6. Kyungri (9MUSES)

With an admission and graduation concept, 9MUSES has said goodbye and welcomed many different members over the years but one person that still trips people up is Kyungri. One of the most recognized members, many fans have a hard time remembering that she hasn’t been with the group from the very beginning and that she actually didn’t join until 2012, a full 2 years after the first lineup.


7. Solji (EXID)

EXID debuted as a very different group than what we know today. Originally consisting of Hani, LE, Junghwa, Haeryeong, Dami, and Yuji the group made their debut in 2011. But in April 2012, AB Entertainment announced that Yuji, Dami, and Haeryeong would be leaving the group. At this time, Solji a former member of vocal duo 2NB and vocal coach added her heavenly voice to the mix!


8. Hyerin (EXID)

Of course, Solji wasn’t the only member that was added to EXID after Yuji, Dami, and Haeryeong left the group. Hyerin also added her amazing vocals to the group and ever since they’ve been the group everyone knows and loves!


9. Yoo Hweseung (N.Flying)

Hweseung has become such a big part of N.Flying that no one can imagine the group without him now. Even the group members have said so! But it actually hasn’t been all that long since he became a member of the group! N.Flying was formed all the way back in 2011 and released their first single back in 2013 but it wasn’t until 2017 that everyone was introduced to the vocal powerhouse that is Hweseung!


10. Goo Hara (former KARA member)

Although KARA didn’t have an admission and graduation concept like some other groups, due to various circumstances and their survival reality program KARA Project, KARA had a lot of different changeups over the years. But perhaps one of the members that tends to surprise people the most is Goo Hara. For many it’s hard to recall a time when Hara wasn’t a member of KARA but she actually didn’t join the group until 2008 following Kim Sunghee’s departure.