20 Of The Most Questionable And Hilarious Clothing Choices That K-Pop Idols Have Worn

What were their stylists thinking??

K-Pop idols are known for their unique, flashy, and tasteful fashion choices, whether they are dressing themselves or have talented stylists doing it for them. There have been a number of occasions, however, where rather… Questionable choices have been made in a K-Pop idol’s outfit, whether it be suggestive English phrases, odd graphics, or just overall strange aesthetics. Here are 20 times that idols got done dirty by whoever was behind their odd outfits!

1. NCT’s WinWin looks appropriately uncomfortable in this “M.I.L.F Hunter” shirt, even if it was unintentional.

2. Former GFRIEND member Yerin was a whole mood in this “Everything is S**t” tank top, honestly.

3. EVERGLOW’s E:U likely wasn’t proclaiming her interest in a certain type of Japanese animation with this shirt…

4. The fact that the words “Hold Hands, Take LSD, Find God” are hard to read on SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s shirt might be a good thing in this case.

5. Apink’s Bomi’s “Duck My Sick” socks are a more subtle accessory than if it was written on a shirt, but still hard to miss.

6. Moonbyul absolutely nailed a dance performance at 1Million Dance Studio with a shirt that simply says “P*ssy”.


7. EXO’s members likely had no idea just what was written on the backs of these hoodies…

8. VIXX’s N certainly made a bold statement with this “Porn is the New Black” shirt worn at a fansign!

9. NCT’s WinWin was once again subjected to a questionable style choice… This time with his pants.

10. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk might be single-handedly preventing shoplifting in South Korea with this shirt!

11. Taeyong’s simple but bold hoodie during this performance certainly sent a message.

12. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on with this shirt, but pre-debut TWICE’s Dahyun certainly couldn’t have chosen this herself, right?

13. INFINITE’s Sunggyu attempted to cover up the inappropriate part of this shirt… But did not succeed.

14. Between the color, the holes, and the words written on S.Coups’s shirt, which stylist could have approved of this?

15. We’re not sure what “Puberty Silent” is supposed to mean, but we doubt TWICE’s Jeongyeon does, either!

16. ASTRO’s Sanha looks far too young and innocent to pull off the “Daddy” written boldly on his shirt.

17. Did CL have to slay some kind of monster to wear this interesting creation?

18. BTS’s Jungkook is in no need of money these days, but his socks back in this time certainly made a statement.

19. Apparently SHINee’s Taemin had no idea what the zipper of his pants said here until recently!

20. And finally, NCT’s Haechan simply looked thicc AF with this… Interesting stylistic choice.