16 Quotes From K-Pop Idols That Sound Fake but Are 100% Real

Some of these are quotes to live by 😂

Many K-Pop idols are full of wisdom and helpful advice… But sometimes, they can also say some of the most unexpected and hilarious things! Whether it’s a struggle with a foreign language or just a spontaneously funny outburst, there have been tons of quotes spoken by idols that sound fake but are absolutely real. Here are 16 of such quotes!

1. “Hyung don’t eat my butt.”

Spoken by Junho of 2PM.

2. “Thank you, god of wind!”

Spoken by Jay of ENHYPEN.

3. “Your mouth… Delete.”

Spoken by Hweseung of N.Flying.

4. “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege.”

Spoken by Vernon of SEVENTEEN.

5. “Yes daddy.”

Spoken by Felix of Stray Kids.

6. “Maybe you should eat makeup, so you can be pretty on the inside too.”

Spoken by Nayeon of TWICE.

7. “There’s nothing wrong with being a little dumb.”

Spoken by Wooyoung of ATEEZ.

8. “How do you know I’m not big?”

Spoken by BamBam of GOT7.

9. “In my next life I want to be born a rock.”

Spoken by Jiwon of fromis_9.

10. “Tomorrow exists so you can put off what you can do today.”

Spoken by Sunwoo of THE BOYZ.

11. “Being an otaku is not a sin!”

Spoken by Soobin of TXT.

12. “You know what else is big?”

Spoken by Bang Chan of Stray Kids.

13. “The worst green vegetable would be cucumbers… It tastes like electricity.”

Spoken by Lia of ITZY.

14. “I’m good at all positions.”

Spoken by Hongjoong of ATEEZ.

15. “Here, this is poison. Die.”

Spoken by Suho of EXO.

16. “If you can’t be the best, be the worst.”

Spoken by Junkyu of TREASURE.

Source: Reddit