These K-Pop Idols Might Just Be Sexy Vampires

They’re almost TOO good looking!

Some idols have visuals that are so unreal, it’s hard to believe they’re even human!

Here are 7 K-Pop stars that have been blessed with eternal good looks:

1. V From BTS

V is truly the ultimate visual, so it’s no surprise that he’d pull off a vampire look perfectly. The smokey eye adds an extra layer of charm to his already mystifying aura.

| @vampire_taetae/Twitter

2. Bang Chan From Stray Kids

If Twilight was made in Korea they would have to cast Bang Chan, and that’s a fact. He shines like a diamond on stage, even brighter than Edward Cullen himself.

| @shiningsirius97/Twitter

3. Seonghwa From ATEEZ

Seonghwa has such a refined look – he’d definitely be a vampire with royal blood. Be careful not to get too lost in his intense eyes!

| @ATEEZofficial|/Twitter

4. Jay From ENHYPEN

The vampire concept was iconic for ENHYPEN as a whole, but Jay knew the assignment and even got extra credit.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

5. Taeyang from SF9

Taeyang is the type of guy who makes people believe that love at first sight truly exists. We’d follow him into a mystical forest!

| @taeyangspics/Twitter

6. Taehyun from TXT

The stylist who gave Taehyun this vampire costume should be given a raise. The slicked down hair and red eyes added onto Taehyun’s already stunning visual is too much to handle!

| @wonderwall0205/Twitter

7. Jacob from VAV

| @jacob.vav/Instagram

Jacob was made to be a sexy vampire with his perfect figure and handsome face. VAV’s fandom is even called the VAMPZ!

Who’s your favorite K-Pop vampire?

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