Here Are 7 Incredible K-Pop Idols Who All Share The Name “Jimin”

These idols with the same name are all great in their own right!

For their career in K-Pop, idols often adopt stage names that set them apart from others in the industry! Some idols use their birth names as stage names, and others take on new ones that suit them and concept amazingly well! With so many idols, the names have a tendency to overlap, and thus, many idols end up sharing names. Here are 7 incredible K-Pop idols who all share the name “Jimin”!

1. BTS’s Jimin

Perhaps the most iconic on this list is none other than BTS’s Jimin! Born Park Jimin, he uses his birth name as his stage name, and is well-loved for his immense talent as a dancer, singer, and entertainer, and is also loved by fans for his kind personality and for being an all-around adorable guy!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

2. aespa’s Karina (Yoo Jimin)

aespa debuted a little more than a year ago in November 2020, but are already gaining tons of attention as a rookie group, particularly their leader, Karina! Born Yoo Jimin, Karina was given a stage name by her agency, and serves as the group’s leader, visual, main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist, and loved by many for being a talented all-rounder and visual!

| @aespa_official/Instagram

3. Weeekly’s Monday (Kim Jimin)

Weeekly is another rookie group that debuted in 2020, and also has an idol named “Jimin” in their midst! Member Monday was born Kim Jimin, and this talented idol is the group’s main vocalist and main dancer, and can also serve as a rapper!

| @_weeekly/Instagram

4. Former AOA member Jimin (Shin Jimin)

Another famous “Jimin” on the list, former AOA member Jimin (born Shin Jimin) was the group’s leader, rapper and also served as lead guitarist for the group’s band unit, AOA Black!

5. Jamie (Park Jimin)

Former 15& member and soloist Jamie is another “Jimin” on this list! Born Park Jimin, she also used her birth name as her stage name while promoting as 15&, but after leaving the group and JYP Entertainment in 2019, switched to using her English name Jamie, and has been known as that ever since!

| @jiminxjamie/Instagram

6. JustB’s Lim Jimin (Lim Jimin)

JustB’s Lim Jimin is the leader of his group, and has showcased his talent as an idol with his singing and dancing skills, and is also a visual member! He uses his birth name as his stage name, and fans can’t wait to see him onstage more!

7. JustB’s JM (Chu Jimin)

The rookie boygroup JustB has another Jimin in the group! JM’s birth name is Chu Jimin, and most fans will know him from I-Land, the survival show that formed Enhypen! They also know him for his handsome face, and incredible talents, and are glad he got to make his debut in 2021!