11 K-Pop Idols Who Speak The Most Unique Languages

These idols are multilingual kings & queens!

Among K-Pop idols, it’s becoming more common for artists to speak languages besides Korean, especially Japanese, Chinese, and English. There are a growing number of Thai idols as well, making the language more commonly found in the industry too! There are some idols, though, that have backgrounds that have led them to speak one or more languages that aren’t often found in the K-Pop world. Here are 11 idols that fit this description!


Along with speaking Korean, WOODZ can speak an assortment of other languages including Chinese and English, as well as the more unique Tagalog and Portuguese! He learned the latter of these due to time he spent in Brazil as a student before going back to South Korea.

2. Won Bin (ATBO)

Though Won Bin is Korean, he spent over a decade in the Philippines, which made him pretty fluent in their native Filipino language. He also went to an international school in the Philippines where he learned English as well.

3. YangYang (NCT/WayV)

Though he was born in Taiwan, YangYang spent most of his childhood in Germany, which made him fluent in German. Like Won Bin, he also went to an international school that helped him learn English as well, and he is also fluent in Korean and Mandarin. He even speaks some Spanish!

4. Alex (DRIPPIN)

Alex, like YangYang, is a German-Korean K-Pop idol, and was born in Germany. He lived there for four years before moving to Korea, so he speaks fluent German as well as Korean, English, and French as well!

5. Chanty (Lapillus)

Chanty was born in the Philippines but grew up in Argentina, which gives her a very unique background for a K-Pop idol! Because of her time spent in both countries, she’s fluent in Filipino as well as Spanish, and has also learned Korean, English, and some Japanese.

6. Jay (iKON)

Jay is seemingly the most multilingual member of iKON, and that’s partially thanks to the seven months he spent in the Philippines before he debuted as an idol. He can speak Tagalog as well as some Bisaya (which is a Filipino dialect), along with Korean, Japanese, English, and Mandarin.

7. Dita (Secret Number)

Dita is Indonesian, which makes her one of, if not the only, K-Pop idols who can speak the language! She’s also fluent in English and Korean.

8. Dann (KINGDOM)

Though Dann was born in South Korea, he spent over half a decade in Dubai after he turned 10, where he learned how to speak some Arabic! While in Dubai, he went to an international school where he also learned English and French, and he’s also fluent in Korean and Chinese.

9. Sriya (BlackSwan)

Being the first Indian K-Pop idol, Sriya is fluent in Hindi, and possibly the only artist in the industry who is! She also speaks English, and is doing well in learning Korean.

10. BM (KARD)

BM is from the United States and speaks English and Korean fluently. Along with this, he’s fluent in Spanish and Portuguese as well thanks to his parents helping him learn due to their own familiarity with the languages.

11. Fatou (BlackSwan)

Fatou was born in Senegal but moved to Belgium when she was 12, giving her a really interesting background for a K-Pop idol! Due to her travels, she knows some Wolof (a language native to Senegal) and is fluent in French, German, and Dutch. She speaks English and Korean comfortably as well.