Here Are 8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Currently Slaying It In K-Dramas

Have you seen these idols shine on-screen?

In the past few years, it seems like K-Pop idols are taking the K-Drama world by storm, showing fans that they are triple threats by singing, dancing, and acting. Along with some familiar faces, new idols are making their mark in 2021, showcasing their talents to a wider audience.

Here is a look at eight K-Pop idols who are starring in running K-Dramas and killing it.

1. SF9’s Dawon – Doom at Your Service

Although SF9’s Dawon has experience acting through the web drama Click Your Heart, he made his acting debut in the recent K-Drama Doom at Your Service. Dawon stars as the immature younger brother of the lead character, played by Park Bo Young. Despite showing his charming and cheeky side, which fans know all about, he has shown a new depth to his acting in the latest episodes.

SF9’s Dawon in Doom at Your Service | @tvndrama.official/Instagram

2. U-KISS’s Jun Young – Imitation

As one of the more experienced actors in the new K-Drama Imitation, U-KISS’s Jun Young is once again proving why he is an idol to keep your eye on. Playing the lead singer of the popular group, SHAX, the character of Ryoc started extremely cold and distant. As the series is developing, fans have started to see a different side of Ryoc. They have fallen in love with his charms. It is down to Jun Young’s acting that fans have gone from hating to falling in love with his character.

U-Kiss’s Jun Young in Imitation | @IMTSdotcom/Twitter

3. GOT7’s Youngjae – So Not Worth It

Although Youngjae has starred in dramas before, his role as Sam in So Not Worth is a completely different role. Sam is a Korean Australian student, and Youngjae manages to portray a refreshing character who, at first glance, seems careless and carefree. Yet, as the series develops, Youngjae showcases his acting skills portraying a complex and more meaningful character.

GOT7’s Youngjae in So Not Worth It | Netflix

4. (G)I-DLE’s Minnie – So Not Worth It

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie recently made her acting debut in the hit Netflix drama So Not Worth it alongside a star-studded cast, and fans have already fallen in love with her character. Playing Thai student Minnie, the role is so much fun. It has allowed her to portray this larger-than-life and charismatic person. If that wasn’t enough, Minnie’s character is such a relatable K-Pop and K-Drama fan, and it’s easy to see that she is one of us!

(G)I-DLE’s Minnie in So Not Worth It | Netflix

5. ATEEZ’s Yunho – Imitation

In 2021, ATEEZ’s Yunho made his acting debut in the K-Drama Imitation, playing Jujin, the main vocalist of Sparkling. Although this is his first major role, he has captured viewers’ hearts with his character’s friendly and protective personality. Through Yujin, Yunho has also shown off some of his own puppy-like qualities, taking the viewers on a journey of love, heartbreak, and a desire to make it to the top of the K-Pop industry. He is also giving viewers an extreme case of second-lead syndrome!

ATEEZ’s Yunho in Imitation | @IMTSdotcom/Twitter

6. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri – My Roommate Is A Gumiho

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri in My Roommate Is A Gumiho | @tvndrama.official/Instagram

7. SF9’s Chani – Must You Go and Imitation

Although Chani is known for being the maknae of SF9, he started as an actor when he was very young. Fast forward to 2021, and he is still making waves in several massive projects. Alongside the upcoming film The Gossip, Chani has appeared as the main character in the Josean K-Drama Must You Go and idol series Imitation. These roles are all very different, showcasing Chani’s talent as an actor and his ability to immerse himself in each character perfectly.

SF9’s Chani in Imitation | @IMTSdotcom/Twitter

8. VICTON’s Seungwoo – Love #Hashtag 

Like many names on this list, VICTON’s Seungwoo made his acting debut this year in the K-Drama Love #Hashtag. In the show, Seungwoo plays Lee Si Woo, who is an aspiring singer becoming more popular through posting covers online. As expected, this role is perfect for Seungwoo, who has made a name as a singer and can utilize his singing skills and talent and show them to a broader audience.

VICTON’s Seungwoo in Love #Hashtag | PLAYM
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