17 Most Heartwarming Moments Between Idols And Their Managers

These moments will surely bring a smile to your face!

Idols spend a lot of time with their managers, making it possible for a close-knit and sweet relationship. Oftentimes managers are more like family members than anything else and their interactions with their idols are like those of a big brother or sister. Whether it’s teasing, hugging, or just hanging out, here are some of the best moments between idols and their managers that are sure to warm your heart!


1. Singing with SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin made sure that his manager knew all the words to his song “Press Your Number”. And when his manager got a little shy, Taemin wasn’t afraid to give him a little encouragement!


2. Dancing with Goo Hara

There’s nothing like a manager who isn’t afraid to get out on the dance floor! Goo Hara and her manager let loose and partied to “Mamma Mia”.


3. EXO performed at their manager’s wedding

You can’t say that EXO and their manager don’t have a strong bond. The boys even performed at his wedding and it was super sweet!


4. Brotherly moment with INFINITE’s Sunggyu

Sunggyu lost a game on Weekly Idol so his manager decided to serve out the punishment. The moment really looks like one you would see between two brothers!


5. Being done with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon is definitely one of Girls’ Generation’s silliest members! She tried out some of her silly dance moves on her manager but he just looked so done!


6. Controlling 9MUSES Kyungri

Kyungri can’t help being her wacky-sexy self. Good thing she has her manager to reign her back in when she gets a little off-track.


7. Embarrassment be gone with BTS’s Jin

Sometimes even Jin gets shy when fans call him handsome! So what do you do when you get embarrassed? You go get a hug from someone you love of course, just like Jin did with his manager!


8. Chilling out with TWICE

What’s a manger to do when the TWICE members give him a nickname? He rolls with it in style of course!


9. Backup dancer for Apink

What happens when one of the members can’t be there for a performance practice? Well, if you’re Apink‘s manager, you’ll stand in for the missing member. Just look at him rock those moves too!


10. Ice Bucket Challenge with IU

The Ice Bucket Challenge is all for a good cause anyway so it’s nice to see IU‘s manager taking it on too. Plus it must have been like sweet revenge for IU after he dumped the freezing water on her!


11. Teasing MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

MONSTA X‘s manager got a little playful with Minhyuk. There interactions are just too cute!


12. Karaoke-ing with VIXX’s Ken

There’s nothing quite like going out for a night of karaoke with your friends, or manager in Ken‘s case! The two performed their hearts out and it looked like they had a blast doing it together!


13. Livestreaming with TWICE’s Nayeon

A little bit of aegyo and a litle bit of embarrassment make for the perfect heartwarming moment!


14. Dancing with Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation‘s manager has some pretty sweet moves. And he’s totally able to keep up with the girls as they dance to “Catch Me If You Can”.


15. A hug for INFINITE’s Sunggyu

His manager isn’t afraid to whack him with a squeaky toy hammer but he’s also not afraid to give Sunggyu a warm brotherly hug when he needs it too!


16. B.A.P’s Youngjae teasing his manager

Teasing can go both ways between idols and their managers! Just look at Youngjae teasing his manager with some food and then eating it himself!


17. Attempting to take food away from DIA’s Chaeyeon

We’re not sure how Chaeyeon‘s manager could ever resist that puppy-dog look!