These 5 Third Generation Male Idols Were Voted Performance Geniuses By Korean Netizens

They are true geniuses on stage:

K-Pop idols don’t just amaze with their vocals or rap ability, nor do they dazzle with just their dance moves or visuals. When K-Pop idols are up on stage performing, they always make fans’ jaws drop with their stage presence and flawless performances. While each and every single idol deserves to be recognized as a performance genius, Korean netizens over on The Qoo recently voted for the top performance geniuses among the third-generation male idols. So without further ado, here are the results:


1. Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun may be charismatic off stage too, but when he hits the stage his charisma overflows and your eyes are immediately drawn to him.


Although he may not be considered the main dancer of EXO, his skills certainly show and his moves have the power to leave everyone breathless.


There’s absolutely no doubt that Baekhyun has major stage presence and it’s really no surprise that netizens chose him as a performance genius!


2. V (BTS)

V has gone viral several times after catching the attention of fans and non-fans alike while performing on stage.


V also has a lot of charisma that seems to explode when he’s onstage. His dance skills, vocals, and visuals combine in a way that instantly mesmerizes anyone who watches him.


With his own stage presence shining through, it’s no surprise he won a top spot as a performance genius.


3. Jimin (BTS)

It’s no surprise that Jimin has often been voted as one of the top dancers in K-Pop, but it isn’t just his dancing skills that have left everyone’s hearts in a wreck of emotions.


His mochi sweet personality often flips into a full-out sexy mode when he’s onstage. The duality is real!


There’s absolutely no denying that all of Jimin’s qualities including his dance skills and vocals make him a true performance genius.


4. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

It was no accident that Hoshi ended up on SEVENTEEN’s performance team. His dance skills and stage presence are no joke and can be felt even when he’s not on stage!


Not to mention he’s a skilled choreographer who works hard to make sure all of SEVENTEEN’s dances are perfect.


Of course, there’s a lot more to Hoshi than simply his dancing, choreography, and vocal skills but those things together definitely make him a performance genius!


5. Yugyeom (GOT7)

Although Yugyeom’s Hit The Stage performance may continue to make him feel a little shy when his members bring it up, there’s a very good reason why people remember it so well…



And really there’s a good reason why all of Yugyeom’s performances are so memorable. The way he performs immediately draws the eye and with his mesmerizing stage presence, dance skills, and vocals, Yugyeom has captured a lot of hearts.


Shy or not, this performance genius knows what he’s doing when he hits the stage!

Source: The Qoo