12 Times That K-Pop Idols Had Little To NO Lines In Group Songs

Why does this ever happen?

While it’s common knowledge that line distributions in K-Pop songs are oftentimes pretty uneven and sometimes seemingly unfair, there are some songs that take it to a whole other level. It’s hard enough for a K-Pop idol to have the least amount of lines in a song, but there have been times where they have just a single line — or no lines at all! Here are 12 times when K-Pop idols had little to no lines in a group song.

1. “Hi High” by LOONA

Not only does Haseul somehow have less than 1% of the lines in LOONA’s “Hi High”, Hyunjin has less than 2%, and Vivi has less than 3%!

2. “Jungle Game” by SF9

SF9’s “Jungle Game” has a line distribution made up of just seven of the nine members, since both Hwiyoung and Chani don’t have any lines at all.

3. “April Story” by APRIL

It’s sad enough that Yena has only 1.2% of the lines in April’s song “April Story”, but it’s even worse that Rachel has no lines at all!

4. “Adore U” by SEVENTEEN

Thankfully SEVENTEEN’s songs have gotten much more even in recent years, but their debut song saw both Wonwoo and The8 getting less than 2% of the lines, and Joshua and Dino getting less than 3%!

5. “Catch Me” by Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Cosmic Girls’ song “Catch Me” might as well have been sung only by seven of their twelve members, since Bona, Xuan Yi, Luda, and Yeoreum all had less than 2% of the lines, and Cheng Xiao had none at all!

6. “It’s Raining” by Snuper

Not only does Sangil have more than 2/3 of the lines in Snuper’s song “It’s Raining”, but Sangho has no lines at all!

7. “Puzzle Moon” by GWSN

This isn’t the only instance by far of a member having between 3-4% of the lines in a K-Pop song, but it’s still sad to see both Soso and Miya have such small amounts in this GWSN song.

8. “Elvis” by AOA

Some of AOA’s songs are more evenly distributed than others, but their debut song “Elvis” was certainly not their best, with Seolhyun getting no lines at all.

9. “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by SuperM

In a group like SuperM where the members were specifically chosen for being peak idols in the industry, you’d think that line distributions would be pretty even — but “I Can’t Stand the Rain” shows otherwise, with Lucas receiving less than 1% of all the lines in the song!

10. “Truth” by TWICE

Sadly, Momo is known to often have the fewest lines in a song (though this does allow her to have her jaw-dropping dance breaks where she usually gets center stage), and “Truth” is an example of one of these. Both Momo and Dahyun each had less than 2% of the lines in the entire song.

11. “Gorilla” by PENTAGON

PENTAGON’s “Gorilla” joins other debut songs on this list for how uneven its line distribution is, with members Yanan and Shinwon both having less than 2% of the lines in the song.

12. “Q&A” by Cherry Bullet

And finally, Cherry Bullet’s “Q&A” has nearly half of its lines given to two members, while Remi, LinLin, and May all have 2% or less lines of the whole song each!

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