5 Times K-Pop Idols Were Unnecessarily Edited To Fit Korean Beauty Stereotypes

They look amazing without the edits.

Due to the harsh Korean beauty standards, K-Pop idols often find themselves being excessively photoshopped against their will. This results in pictures that look vastly different from their original selves — and fans always prefer the original so much more! Here are 5 times the intense editing was just too obvious.

1. Chuu

Fans were upset when an obviously edited picture of ex-LOONA member Chuu was released. Looking at the bubbles behind her back, the odd stretched shape shows they’ve been edited to make her waist smaller.

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

On the right, fans corrected the photo to return her waist to its original size.

Photoshopped (Left), Edited to look like the original photo (Right)

2. Kim Wooseok

In a photoshoot for X1, Wooseok’s leg was edited to be slimmer. His thighs appeared to be unnaturally straight.

Photoshopped version | @x1official101/Twitter

The change can be seen when looking at the curvature of his thigh in the original photo. Many fans preferred the unedited version since it looks more realistic and human.

Original version | X1/YouTube

3. Jisoo

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo looks beautiful on the cover of Marie Claire. However, upon closer look, fans noticed something was wrong.

Photoshopped version | Marie Claire

In the unedited videos, Jisoo’s neck is much thicker than on the cover. Many comments agreed she looks better as her natural self!

Original version | Marie Claire/YouTube  

4. Ningning

A fan of aespa‘s Ningning was once accused of editing her body to be thinner and fit the Korean standard of beauty better.

Photoshopped (Left), Original (Right)

However, many people prefer Ningning’s curvier and healthier body that is more realistic.

Photoshopped (Left), Original (Right)


A fansite for WOODZ, during his time in X1 as Cho Seungyoun, was accused of heavily photoshopping his pictures.

Original version | @thus0805/Twitter

From the preview to the HD version, fans noticed a huge change. They changed much of his face, increasing the size of his eyes and even adding makeup onto him.

Photoshopped version | @thus0805/Twitter
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