K-Pop Idols Who Wear The World’s Top 10 Best Selling Luxury Items

How many of the items did our K-Pop celebrities wear?

1. Gucci Fur Loafer $995 USD (1,078,201 KRW)

SHINEE‘s Taemin keeping his feet warm in his Gucci slippers.


2. Balenciaga Speed Trainer Sneakers $750 USD (812,715 KRW)

BIG BANG‘s G-Dragon looking comfortable in his Balenciaga sneakers.


3. Gucci GG Logo Belt $450 USD (487,629 KRW)

MAMAMOO‘s Solar looking fashionable in her all-black outfit!


4. Gucci Ace Sneakers $620 USD (671,844 KRW)

Actor Park Seojoon wearing Gucci from head to toe at the airport.


5. Gucci Logo T-shirt $590 USD (639,335 KRW)

Actor Park Bogum looking chic in his plain Gucci t-shirt.


6. Chanel Wallet on a chain handbag $2,500 USD (2,709,050 KRW)

Jessica walking through the airport in her Chanel purse.


7. Balenciaga Logo Hoodie $795 USD (861,477 KRW)

Suzy in the studio with her Balenciaga hoodie.


8. Balenciaga Logo Campaign Cap $350 USD (379,267 KRW)

Park Hyungsik‘s airport fashion accessory of choice is his Balenciaga cap.


9. Acne Studio Denim Jacket $390 USD (422,611 KRW)

EXO‘s Kai looking fresh in Acne‘s denim jacket!


10. Moncler Padding Jacket $1500 USD (1,625,430 KRW)

TWICE‘s Tzuyu keeping herself warm in her Moncler coat!


Source: Dispatch