15 Weird And Yet Hilarious Things Idols Have Done On Variety Shows

Weird and yet so funny!

1. When EXO’s Baekhyun thought he drank water but definitely didn’t

Later, EXO would explain why exactly Baekhyun was so extra during this particular episode of Music Bank. Apparently, Baekhyun had taken a drink of what he thought was water before the show but turned out to be some soju. Let’s just say things were a little bit crazy and the rest of his members were loving it!


2. Girls’ Generation Yuri’s roaring-good dino impression

Yuri had been saving up her dinosaur impression for years before she finally revealed this masterpiece on an episode of Happy Together. A bit of an odd talent but completely adorable and extremely loveable!


3. 4MINUTE’s iconic “Milkshake” moment

Although not a variety show, 4MINUTE‘s performance of “Milkshake” on a radio show is one that no one will ever forget.


Then again their second performance was perhaps even more memorable and this time they did it for Director’s Cut!


4. When HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob cut right to the chase

Yoseob wasn’t about to beat around the bush on one episode of Idol Room!


5. The time AOA’s Mina tried the “scorpion” dance

Mina tried so, so hard to get things going on Weekly Idol.


Despite her struggles, she was able to successfully do this with a little bit of help from her voice!


6. That time SEVENTEEN’s Joshua showed off his English

You know that moment when you’re put on the spot and don’t really know what to say or do so you end up blurting out the first thing that comes to mind? Yeah, well that happened to Joshua when he decided to recite the Pledge of Allegiance during one interview.


7. GFRIEND’s Yuju lost complete control

Yuju was showing off her twerking moves on Video Star and things were going pretty well…until she tried to do the splits and had to be saved by Yerin.


8. DAY6 YoungK’s fists of glory

First, YoungK tried fitting his fist in Wonpil‘s mouth because why not. But then things took an even weirder turn on this episode of Weekly Idol when he decided it would be a good idea to include N.Flying in his shenanigans too.


9. Lovelyz Kei just wants to be loved

Running Man has given us a ton of great moments but this one where Kei performs aegyo for Kim Jong Kook takes the cake. It’s almost like Kei couldn’t stop!


10. The time GOT7’s BamBam got a little 19+

When BamBam was on After School Club he uttered these words, that seemed to take the show from PG to 19+ real quick.


11. When SEVENTEEN’s Seunfkwan showed off his acting chops

Asked to show off his acting skills on Star Show 360, Seungkwan didn’t disappoint with his impression of how he would act when faced with a tsunami.


Or the version where he plays a female protagonist on her way to pick up her daughter…


And of course, who could forget his amazing grandpa version?


12. When SF9’s Inseong just wanted some love

Inseong had a great idea to stand out on The Immigration by bringing a present for MC Jun Geun.


The only problem was that nobody was impressed by his gift, not even his own members!


13. NCT Johnny’s animal masterpiece

Let’s just say Johnny managed to leave everyone speechless with his parrot impression.


14. When HIGHLIGHT’s Dongwoon tried to be a rapper

Things started off on a high note for Dongwoon when he tried flexing his rapping talents on Weekly Idol


But things took a very sharp turn that ended up leaving Hani on the floor in a fit of laughter.


15. Welcome MC Rail

Then again Dongwoon wasn’t the only vocalist that brought out some major laughter with their rapping ability. TWICE‘s Nayeon also tried her hand at it on Idol Room with much the same result.