14 K-Pop Idols Whose Visuals Don’t Match Their Voices

Appearances can be deceiving.

When you look at someone, you may have an inkling to how their voices sound like. But appearances can be deceiving. Here are some idols whose visuals don’t match up to their vocals.

1. (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

Yuqi is known for being adorable and small, so many fans were surprised to hear such a deep voice come from someone as adorable as her!

2. f(x)’s Amber

Many fans were surprised to hear Amber‘s singing voice. Most are used to her hard-hitting rap, but when she sings, her voice is light and soft. A sharp contrast from her visual and her overall visual.

3. PENTAGON’s Jinho

Jinho is the smallest member in PENTAGON, so fans were surprised that such a powerful voice is stored inside such a small frame!

4. PENTAGON’s Yanan

In contrast to Jinho, Yanan is a giant! Despite that, his voice is very light and rather high pitched.

5. Stray Kids’ Felix

Felix is a classic case of voice not matching visual. He still has a baby-face, so when fans heard him rap for the first time, they were surprised with how deep his voice actually is.

6. LOONA’s Heejin

Heejin has a unique, deep voice. This was surprising for many since she is so cute and goofy. Many agree that her voice is gorgeous and sounds very mature.

7. NU’EST’s Baekho

Many would think that Baekho was a rapper by his vision, but he’s actually the main vocal! Many would also believe that he would have a deep voice, but his voice is high and bright.

8. MONSTA X’s Kihyun

Kihyun is slim and shorter than his members, so many were surprised to hear how powerful his vocals actually are. Many are in love with how strong his vocals are.

9. VIXX’s Leo

Leo has sharp features and looks as if he would have a deep voice, but he actually has a rather high-pitched voice!

10. BTS’s V

Many expected V to have a voice mid-range; not too high yet not too deep. Because of this, many fans were surprised to hear his voice for the first and find out that it is actually deeper than the ocean.

11. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

MAMAMOO is known to be a group with shorter members, and despite Moonbyul being the tallest member, she is still on the shorter side. Because of this, many were surprised to hear how deep her voice actually is.

12. ASTRO’s Jinjin

Jinjin may be the leader of ASTRO, but he still has a cute baby-face that the fans love. Plus, he so happens to be one of the shortest members. Due to this, many were surprised to find that he actually has a deep and slow rapping voice.

13. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo has a deep and husky voice which surprised fans, especially with how goofy and adorable she acts when on variety shows. Many expect that she would have a bright and high voice and were pleasantly surprised with her deep voice.

14. Lee Hi

At first glance, Lee Hi is a soloist who is small and adorable, and many would expect her to have a bright and high-pitched voice. But when you hear her sing, you’d be surprised to find she actually has a deep and soulful voice!