Here Are 20+ LGBT-Inclusive K-Pop Music Videos

It’s great to see inclusiveness in K-Pop.

While LGBT+ representation is still lacking in the world of Korean media, there have been steps made over the last several years to have more inclusiveness in the entertainment industry. The following list includes videos that feature either openly LGBT+ idols behind the music, or have characters in the videos that are somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum.  Overall, however, they are just great music videos and songs just like the rest of the K-Pop industry!

1. HOLLAND’s “Neverland”

This was the debut song of the first openly gay K-Pop idol – a true icon.

2. K.Will’s “Please Don’t”

The main character in this music video seems to be in love with the girl his friend is marrying… but there’s a twist at the end.

3. Dreamcatcher’s “Lucky Strike”

This is a cover of a Maroon 5 song that the girls performed, but they didn’t change the pronouns from female to male.

4. Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”

This was the first K-Pop song to include an almost same-sex kiss.

5. ANDA’s “Touch”

The music video for this song includes some very clear girl-on-girl scenes!

6. Planet Shiver’s “Rainbow” (ft. Crush)

This song is all about equality, for LGBT+ folks and everyone else.

7. SISTAR and Giorgio Moroder’s “One More Day”

The story in this music video involves two girls falling for each other, though one of them is an abusive relationship with a man – and the twist at the end is shocking.

8. Baby Soul and Yoo Jia’s “She’s a Flirt”

This is another love story between two girls, though one of the girls in the video has a boyfriend.

9. GLAM’s “Party (XXO)”

Included in this song is the line “Are you a boy? Girl? I don’t care, passion is the key, a hot heart is your ID.

10. BESTIE’s “Excuse Me”

At one point in the video, a girl asks a guy for his number – but he turns out to be gay.

11. Girls’ Generation’s “All Night”

This video features three drag queens, and a potential love story between two girls at a club.


This music video also includes drag queens in the band with Solar!

13. After School’s “Because Of You”

There is a love triangle between three girls featuring in this music video.

14. MONSTA X’s “All In”

It’s heavily implied in this video that two of the characters portrayed by Minhyuk and Hyungwon are in a relationship.

15. MAMAMOO’s “Um Oh Ah Yeh”

The girls challenge different gender roles in this video, including three of them dressing up as men.

16. SONGJIEUN’s “Don’t Look at Me Like That”

The lyrics of this song are about love between the same sex, different races, different ages, and other “controversial” themes.

17. Red Velvet’s “Wish Tree”

The story in this video is about an unrequited love between two women.

18. Nell’s “The Day Before”

This song addresses the heavy relation between homosexuality and suicide.

19. Mad Clown’s “Love Is a Dog From Hell” (ft. SURAN)

This music video shows the story of a transgender person.

20. Heechul and Min Kyunghoon’s “Sweet Dream”

There’s a love triangle in this video which includes Kyunghoon’s love for Heechul.

21. 10cm’s “Help”

The video includes a lot of difficult subjects in Korea, including being LGBT+.

22. Tenny’s “159cm”

This video shows two girls falling in love, and though there’s initial darkness and rejection from their families, the story has a happy ending.

23. GFRIEND’s “Navillera”

The members confirmed that Yerim and Eunha were in a relationship in the video.

24. Sweet Revenge’s “Cry To Your Heart’s Content”

The video shows a beautiful, healthy relationship between two women.