These Are The Line Distributions Of The 15 Most Popular 2020 K-Pop Debuts

Just how fair are these groups starting out?

2020 was filled with debuts of new K-Pop groups, both from big and small companies and with a few or several members!

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung

When a group is just starting out, it’s likely more common for them to still be figuring out how exactly to distribute lines among members to make their songs as nice to listen to as they can.


Here are the line distributions for the 15 most-watched K-Pop debut music videos released in 2020!

15. “Tonight” by Blackswan

14. “Nostalgia” by DRIPPIN

13. “G.G.B” by Bling Bling

12. “Think of Dawn” by GHOST9

11. “DDALALA” by XUM

10. “Siren” by P1Harmony

9. “So Bad” by STAYC

8. “Break All The Rules” by CRAVITY

7. “Twilight” by WEi

6. “Tag Me (@Me)” by Weeekly

5. “Ice Age” by MCND

4. “Given-Taken” by ENHYPEN

3. “Who Dis?” by Secret Number


1. “Black Mamba” by aespa