12 Cringey English K-Pop Lyrics That Still Work, According To Fans

Only the idols singing these parts could pull some of them off!

English lyrics are a common part of K-Pop songs, and while they often fit well into the lyrics, sometimes they’re a little more questionable! If a K-Pop idol has enough confidence in what they’re saying, though, even the most confusing lyrics can end up sounding good. Recently on Reddit, fans listed out some lines from different songs that they think could be cringey, but actually ended up working out. Here are 12 of their top choices!

1. “Walking with the cheese, that’s the queso.” (“Regular” (English Version) by NCT 127)

2. “You make it feel me good/Do you wanna upside down.” (“Dreams Come True” by aespa)

3. “Well shiver me timbers.” (“Pirate” by EVERGLOW)

4. “Cooking like a chef I’m a five-star Michelin.” (“God’s Menu” by Stray Kids)

5. “You’re so freaky freaky dumb, you’re so freaky now.” (“No Diggity” by ONEUS)

6. “I’m the crazy girl around here like Gossip Girl.” (“Crazy” by 4MINUTE)

7. “Sick of all your trash.” (“Don’t Call Me” by SHINee)

8. Risky risky wiggy 위기. This is an emergency.” (“I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE)

9. “I want you to eat me like a main dish.” (“Love Killa” by MONSTA X)

10. I don’t need fake guy but awesome boy don’t stop/So can you take my heart like a bouncy bomb bouncy bomb.” (“Bouncy” by Rocket Punch)

11. “Shawty Imma party ’til the sun down.” (“Love Me Right” by EXO)

12. “Don’t be care ’bout that, we’re fishy, fishy like.” (“Wave” by ATEEZ)

Source: Reddit