K-Pop Make-Up Artists Compare Music Show Stage Lighting Conditions And How They Affect The Idols

Lighting makes all the difference!

K-Pop idols work tirelessly to prepare for stage performances in order to show their best for their fans. Although hard work and effort take a big role in stages, the make-up and stage conditions are also very important for idols.

Make-up artists revealed the differences between different music show stage lighting conditions and how each stage was different. “Each music show broadcast has their own distinct style. The stage lighting is all different.”

They began to discuss the major differences in lighting for each of the music show broadcasts. “M Countdown is usually on the natural side so they look the closest to how they look in real life.”

They also felt that some broadcasts used more effects than others. “KBS and SBS lighting is very pretty. SBS makes it look like they used some sort of blur filter.”

The different filters give off a different vibe for the performances. “It almost gives off sort of a photoshop effect.”

Some broadcasts used strong lighting that made it hard to see anything. “MBC’s lighting is really strong. They also use a lot of back LED so we have to do a ton of shading on the idols for it to be seen.”

So in short, here is breakdown of the lighting for different broadcasts:

  • M Countdown: natural lighting
  • Music Bank: clearer and brighter than M Countdown
  • Inkigayo: blur effect
  • Music Core: strong lighting due to back LED

Here are some stage comparisons for a better understanding.

M Countdown


Music Core

Music Bank

What music show broadcast lighting do you like the best?

Source: theqoo