10 Times Males Idols Helped And Protected Female Idols

Talk about knights in shining armor!

We all know that every idol helps out their own members or friends in the industry, but other times they go above and beyond to make sure everyone is kept safe.  The gesture seems even sweeter when we see male idols helping out and protecting other female idols. Talk about real life knights in shining armor!


1. Jackson (GOT7) and Youngji (former KARA)

Jackson showed off some of his gentlemanly ways on an episode of Roommates. While he was out with Youngji, he decided to offer her his coat and later protected her from a passing car!


2. Sungjae (BTOB) and Joy (Red Velvet)

Sungjae and Joy were a “married couple” on We Got Married Season 4 and their interactions were always so sweet. One of their sweetest moments was when Sungjae held Joy’s hair so she could wash her face!


3. Dongwoon (HIGHLIGHT) and Hayoung (Apink)

At MAMA 2011, HIGHLIGHT‘s maknae was kind enough to give his jacket to Apink‘s maknae! His hyungs noticed the gesture and looked incredibly proud of him!


4. Taecyeon (2PM), Kim Soo Hyun, and Suzy

During one photo shoot between the three celebrities, Suzy lost her footing. Luckily she had two handsome and considerate men to help her regain her footing!


5. Sungjae (BTOB) and Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

When Taeyeon won at a 2015 Inkigayo for her song “I”, the celebratory confetti poured down on her. The confetti was so thick that she had trouble seeing and speaking. Sungjae noticed she was having some difficulty and put his hand over her head to block it. How sweet!


6. Mino (WINNER) and Song Jihyo

At Gayo Daejeon 2014, Mino showed he is a perfect gentleman. Not only did he help Song Jihyo pick up some of her cue-cards, he also protected her from the confetti. And to make sure she stayed fabulous, he went ahead and carefully picked the confetti from her hair.


7. Hoya (INFINITE) and Eunji (Apink)

Hoya noticed that Eunji was having a bit of trouble coming down the steps at Mr. and Mrs. Idol Korea 2012 so he rushed over to help!


8. Seo In Guk and Eunji (Apink)

With a long dress and heels on, any misstep could have been disastrous for Eunji. Luckily, Seo In Guk was there to keep her steady when her heels slipped.


9. Heechul (SUPER JUNIOR) and Hani (EXID)

Hani and Heechul have a great friendship and one of their cutest moments was when Heechul became a mama bird to Hani!


10. Taemin (SHINee) and Naeun (Apink)

Ever the gentleman, Taemin made sure that Naeun was able to step out of the boat without having a wardrobe malfunction on an episode of We Got Married.


Bonus: Yongbin University student and Kim Yoo Jung

Male idols aren’t the only ones who want to protect female idols! On an episode of 2 Days & 1 Night, the cast and guest Kim Yoo Jung decided to play duck, duck, goose. To make the game even more interesting students from Yongbin University joined in. When it was Kim Yoo Jung’s turn she fell and could have easily lost. Instead, the student stopped and pretended to tie his shoe in order for her to get back up and win!


Yoseob (Highlight) and Eunji (Apink)

And sometimes the knight in shining armor turns out to be the princess!