Here Are 19 Of The Best K-Pop Memes Ever Posted To The Kpoppers Reddit

This subreddit has so many hilarious creators πŸ˜‚

The /kpoppers subreddit is full of great memes created by hilarious K-Pop fans, and is a great place to check out if you need a laugh! Over the last couple of years, people have been posting content on the subreddit and boosting some of the best content on there. Here are 19 of the funniest memes that have been shared!

1. They’re always there πŸ˜‚

Small k-pop meme from kpoppers

2. This is painfully true.

I wish I could deny that this is me… but this is me from kpoppers

3. This was posted a while back, but still has some relevance.

bruh this is a joke lmao from kpoppers

4. She’s the queen of K-Pop for a reason!

She’s a legend and an inspiration though from kpoppers

5. This isn’t so much a meme, but still cool.

Kpop hair color palette graphic from kpoppers

6. Any K-Pop fan can relate.

I feel like I’m not the only one. Lmao. from kpoppers

7. We all know someone who thinks this.

every group is twice until proven otherwise from kpoppers

8. If only stan Twitter was more like idols irl!

Stan Twitter in a nutshell from kpoppers


Ayaya from kpoppers

10. Where’s the lie? πŸ˜‚

Energy from kpoppers

11. :’)

They Ain’t Lying Tho from kpoppers

12. Puberty is wild.

I’m at work rn and when I saw this i had to literally bite my tongue so hard it started bleeding, in order to stop myself from laughing 😭😭😭 HELP from kpoppers

13. This was a missed collab opportunity.

Alexa play ring ding dong from kpoppers

14. Why is this so common?

Is it even a K-pop MV if there’s no gas station set? from kpoppers

15. We believe it.

∞ members from kpoppers

16. “Straya Kids” should be used!

Oi oi oi from kpoppers

17. This compromise is painful and too real.

Ok It’ll be an English song😌 from kpoppers

18. YG Entertainment, please.

Annual hype from kpoppers

19. And finally, this seems accurate.

TWICE performing FANCY 40 years from now from kpoppers