10+ K-Pop Memes For Everyone Who Is Single AF

You don’t have to be single to love these memes…but you can be.

Maybe you’re happily single, maybe not so much. No matter what your relationship status is, these memes will brighten your day! Here are 15 memes for everyone who is madly in love with K-Pop — and, perhaps, only K-Pop?

1. Yas queen!

When I grow up, I want to be:


2. What’s your secret?

3. The reason why our standards are astronomically high

New K-Drama, new bias. That’s just how it works.

4. Got plans?

For some of us, February 14th is just another day on the calendar.

5. Representation is important

Everyone say, “Thank you, Yuta!” 

6. When you want to open your heart, but not really

7. Why date when you can stan ATEEZ instead?

It’s a reasonable question.

8. In a world of couples, be a Nayeon

Chocolate is all we need!

9. Understandable

10. When the “problem” is also the solution

11. Only the facts

12. Why are you single? Motherfudger. Why are you not?

13. Today’s “try to accept reality” challenge:

14. ENGENE can relate

With all this going on, who has time to breathe let alone date?


15. An appropriate answer for an inappropriate question