These 13 Legendary K-Pop Memes Went Viral Outside Of K-Pop Itself

Even non-fans couldn’t help laughing at these memes.

Recently on the K-Pop forum on Reddit, a post was made for fans to share K-Pop-related things that have gone viral outside of the K-Pop industry. People didn’t disappoint with the number of memes posted, with some fans not even realizing that some of them were even K-Pop-related to begin with! Here are 13 of the pictures and videos shared.

1. BLACKPINK Lisa’s legs. Enough said.

You couldn’t go on Twitter without seeing her legs somewhere at this time!

2. SHINee’s Taemin being incredibly relatable.

Everyone has had a moment like this in their lives.

3. MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and his Starbucks.

Once again, this is a feeling that everyone can relate to.

4. The “Zimzalabim” viral witch video.

The Red Velvet song somehow fits perfectly with this video.

5. This meme of BTS’s V that went viral on Reddit.

The resemblance is uncanny.

6. When SHINee’s Minho took the spotlight from a former First Lady.

Who can blame the girls? 😂

7. This meme of SHINee’s Key putting on a clown wig.

It’s funny how many people didn’t even realize this is Key!

8. When Cosmic Girls’ Meiqi and Xuanyi went viral for being “the richest lesbian couple in the world”.

This was followed up by the same rumor for LOONA‘s Yves and Chuu!

9. This meme of TWICE’s Chaeyoung not enjoying her drink.

Once again, anyone could relate to this emotion 😂

10. When TWICE’s Tzuyu went viral for her archery skills and beauty.

How can anyone have such talent and visuals?

11. This adorable security guard who went viral for dancing to Stray Kids’ “Christmas EveL”.

He’s got some serious moves!

@genboy3 tiktokismypaborito#ChristmasEvelDC#goodvibes#fyp#Cdotiktokers#foryou❤️❤️❤️ ♬ Christmas EveL – Stray Kids

12. Also, this video of Stray Kids’ Felix getting down!

We are looking respectfully 👀

@jypestraykids Can’t stop vibing❤️ #straykids #felix #stay ♬ Let’s Groove – absolutesnacc

13. And finally, when SEVENTEEN’s Woozi threatened Mingyu’s life with a guitar.

This will never not be hilarious 😂

Source: Reddit