10+ “B*tch, I’m Rich” K-Pop Memes That Make Us Feel Poor

Welcome, fellow peasants.

If K-Pop idols have you crying over your single-digit bank balance — you’re not the only one. Fans love to see their favorite artists prosper, but sometimes that prosperity can make us all feel like peasants. At least we can live vicariously through these “I’m rich” memes and moments…right?

1. Get this rag off me!

2. Queen Mina has arrived…

…and she doesn’t need a crown.

3. With a bestie like EXO’s Suho, who needs a sugar daddy?

He’s got it covered.

4. His bag just called us “broke” in all caps.

Why be subtle when you can be Suho?

5. From trainee princess to K-Pop queen

Roll out the red carpet for BLACKPINK‘s Jennie!

6. BTS’s Suga is wearing my mortgage on his wrist.

7. How to flaunt your net worth without saying a word:

8. We have questions, Felix. Lots of questions!

9. When you can buy a million-dollar apartment but not a five-dollar snack

10. When are the tours? And are they free?

11. Can you picture Red Velvet’s Irene and BTS’s Jin co-starring in a K-Drama?