The 10 Ugliest Pieces Of Official K-Pop Merch Ever, According To Fans

So much SM Entertainment merch 💀

The majority of official K-Pop merch that’s available to fans is usually pretty unique, fun, or interesting, but there are occasions when it can be disappointing. Recently on Reddit, fans were asked to share what they think are some of the ugliest pieces of official K-Pop merchandise that has been made. Here are 10 of the most questionable or downright strange pieces of merch mentioned!

1. Kyuhyun (Super Junior): Purple Egg Shirt

Though Kyuhyun has an official Twitter account, he has never changed his profile picture from the default egg icon that a new account comes with. He made this design himself and expected SM Entertainment to at least polish it, but they ended up printing it on the shirts as is!

2. SuperM: 100 T-Shirt

While the small logo on the front of this shirt isn’t too bad, a lot of fans think the back design screams “graphic design is my passion”, and not in a good way!

3. NU’EST: Velcro Bracelets

After HYBE Labels acquired Pledis Entertainment, fans believe that some of their merchandise quality declined and used these simple Velcro bracelets as an example!

4. SMTown: Broomstick

The story behind this broomstick that was sold at the SMTown Coex is pretty much unknown, with guesses ranging from it being used to clean SM Entertainment’s dance studios to previously belonging to EXO‘s Xiumin. Either way, it’s an odd but unique piece of merch!

5. Jeongyeon (TWICE): Pot Stand

Not only is this an unflattering picture of Jeongyeon, but pot holders tend to be used for pots that are very hot and end up getting melted or burned in the process. And who would want to put a pot on Jeongyeon’s face to begin with?

6. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation): Purpose Phone Case

This phone case isn’t the most offensively poor design on this list, but a lot of fans still think that it looks unnervingly like a menstrual pad with blue or purple liquid used in a commercial to show its absorbency!

7. NCT: Lightstick

Out of all the lightsticks in K-Pop, many fans have long lamented that NCT’s highlighter-green design with “NCT” written in a square around the light is one of the most unappealing lightsticks out there.

8. Daesung (BIGBANG): Ice Cube Tray

Apparently this ice cube tray was molded with Daesung’s actual nose and lips, which is pretty unique, but also… Why?

9. SEVENTEEN: Bracelets

As with the NU’EST velcro bracelets, these SEVENTEEN bracelets that were designed after Pledis Entertainment was acquired by HYBE Labels just weren’t cutting it for fans, and there were even numerous articles created that compared them to the group’s previous and higher-quality merch.

10. EXO: Rings

Finally, these plastic rings with the EXO members’ names on them just seem like cheap quality compared to some nice metal or higher-quality rings, and look a bit more like children’s jewelry than anything a teen or young adult would probably want to wear.