12 K-Pop Lyrics Fans Love To Sing Incorrectly, On Purpose

Who will ever forget “Soy un Dorito”?

K-Pop lyrics are easy to sing incorrectly, especially for international fans who don’t speak Korean. That said, some fans purposely choose to sing the wrong lyrics for certain songs because the misheard lyrics are just too good to ignore!


1. “I been f**kin’ with the cheese, that’s my queso”

This version of “Regular” is 100% in English, but that doesn’t mean English-speaking fans can’t have fun with its misheard lyrics. Fans who have misheard the line “I be walkin’ with the cheese” have had a lot of fun switching out “walkin'” with a certain R-rated verb.


2. “I love my family, my kids, and my wife”

This is another English line some fans purposely like to sing incorrectly. In “IDOL”, Jungkook sings “I love my fans, love my dance, and my what” but some ARMYs like to imagine Jungkook is instead shouting out his love for his imaginary wife and kids!


3. “Foo-ooo, foo-oo-ooo”

Even though the subtitles say “woo”, fans insist on singing “foo” because it’s way more fun!


4. “I need a charger big boy”

“I need a cha cha beat boy” can be heard in nearly every Jay Park song, but fans love to sing this iconic opener as “I need a charger big boy” instead.


5. “I’m like a bird, not a turkey”

The real words are “I’m like a bird 날아갈게 (“naragalge”), but “naragalge” isn’t nearly as amusing as “not a turkey”, is it?


6. “Booty ya”

2PM fans commonly mishear “뿐이야” (“ppuniya”) as “booty ya”, and keep singing it that way even after they’ve looked up the lyrics. This is because “booty ya” goes perfectly with the dance move 2PM does while singing “ppuniya”.


7. “So tonight won’t you set me free”

Many BLINKs get the shock of their lives when they realize that these aren’t the real lyrics. “So tonight” is actually “seotun nal”, but the two sound so similar that many fans keep singing the misheard lyrics even after they realize “so tonight” is incorrect.


8. “Why don’t you sh*t my baby?”

Mishearing this line in “DDD” is totally understandable because 쉿 (“shwit”) sounds exactly like…well, you know. The misheard line is so out of place in this EXID song that fans can’t help belting it out!


9. “Meatball”

Once you mishear the siren sound as “meatball” at the beginning of “You Think”, you’ll never unhear it, and you’ll never want to.


10. “Regular sized samosa”

SEVENTEEN isn’t ordering off a menu in their song “ROCKET”, but it sure does sound like they are. Many fans take great pleasure in singing 레귤러 사이 숨었어 (“regyulleo sai sumeosseo”) as “regular sized samosa”. Why? More like, why not?


11. “I’ll be your man Nugu potato”

There are no vegetable references in “MOVIE”, but since “I’ll be your man 누구보다도” (“nugubodado”) sounds a bit like “I’ll be your man Nugu potato”, why not just go with it?


12. “Soy un Dorito”

Many Shawols flat out refuse to sing “소용돌이쳐” (“soyongdoricheo”) because “Soy un Dorito” is legendary.