9 K-Pop Music Videos You Didn’t Know Were Done Entirely In One Shot

Seriously, one single shot!

The term one-shot refers to a music video in which the action is shot continuously from a single camera and wasn’t edited together later on. This means that the idols have to nail their choreography and everything else in a single take! While there are some notable videos that were made to look like this style they still hold a few transition shots or edits. There have also been some amazing performance videos that have also put this to good use, but some artists have actually used this method for their main music videos and they’re guaranteed to blow you away.


1. EXO — “Growl”

While one-take music videos are already tough as they are EXO‘s “Growl” was a choreography video which meant there really wasn’t much room for error. As it is there are a few mistakes but they just add to the overall appeal of this video and prove that it really is a perfect example of a one-take music video.


2. BTS — “Save Me”

BTS‘s “Save Me” is simple, clean, and just really pleasing to the eye. The video features a super smooth flow into each members’ parts. While the video may look like it would have been super easy to film, if you’ve ever watched the behind the scenes for it you’ll know just how hard it was for everyone involved in the project!


3. Seungri — “1, 2, 3!”

Besides the cutaway at the very end of this music video (the one where Seungri seems to be waking up from his daydream), this whole video was one smooth piece. The interesting thing about this MV is that it looks like there are multiple sets but really they are all in one room that Seungri makes his way through. Add in a couple of quick clothing changes and you’ve got a pretty amazing example of a one-shot.


4. BIGBANG — “Love Song”

Maybe Seungri decided to go for that look because he was familiar with it! In 2011, BIGBANG became the second K-Pop group to try out the style of video and we have to say it looks absolutely beautiful. Between close up shots of each of the members, group takes, and the desolate landscape scenery, you can really feel the pure passion and message of the song.


5. IU — “Friday”

Written by IU herself, “Friday” is a catchy song that tells the story of a couple who have a crush on each other. The sweet and fluffy feeling is captured in her music video. Between cozy sweater shots and sweet moments between IU and Jang Yi Jeong, we’re introduced to a stunning example of this type of filming. Add in IU playing the guitar and you’ll likely be blown away at how amazing this MV is!


6. Super Junior — “It’s You”

In 2009, Super Junior became the first group to take on the one-shot filming technique. Although this particular MV was released as the drama version, many of the scenes shot from this MV were placed into their original music video which means this one was this one was technically filmed first! The dramatic feeling in this video combined with Super Junior’s excellent vocals makes this an MV you won’t forget any time soon.


7. TVXQ! — “Spellbound”

There are a few edited scenes at the very beginning of this video just setting up the story of what’s going to happen in the rest of the video, but as soon as TVXQ! begin to perform things are shot in a single scene. The white suits, black and white background, and the guys’ dancing and singing create quite the dapper effect that will leave you spellbound.


8. Taeyang — “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Taeyang has also tried out the one-shot technique in his solo work. This style seemed to work perfectly for the beautiful “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and kept things interesting with some different camera angles.


9. Junsu — “11AM”

Although Junsu doesn’t do anything fancy in the choreography department, the overall feel of this music video fits the song so well. The natural setting and Junsu’s vocals will make your heart break while you’re secretly in awe of how the video was filmed.