10+ Things You Can Do In A K-Pop MV That Would Get You Fired In Real Life

Someone better call HR.

1. BTS – “DOPE”

This music video breaks nearly every rule in the employee handbook. Throwing paperwork?

Yelling at a client?

Dancing in the office?

Yeah, they’re all fired.


2. EXID – “Lie”

EXID‘s hotel may have different rules, but in most workplaces sitting on a desk is frowned upon.

So is lying down on the job.

And shouldn’t this maid be cleaning the rooms?

Speaking of clean, cooking without gloves or a hairnet in a hotel kitchen is probably a huge health code violation.

Even with all this rulebreaking going on, this hotel wouldn’t lack for clientele. Fans would flock to it, just to see EXID!


3. Super Junior M – “Swing”

This MV starts off as just another day at the office…

…but before long, shenanigans ensue!

With Super Junior M in the office, productivity is at an all-time low…

…but morale has never been higher!


4. Red Velvet – “Peek-a-Boo”

We haven’t read the handbook on pizza delivery services, but we’re 99% sure that deliveries don’t usually involve a ritual sacrifice in a room full of gorgeous captors…

…or playing deadly chase games in a creepy mansion.

This delivery boy may get written up when he gets back to the restaurant, but how can anyone say no to hanging out with Red Velvet?


5. HIGHLIGHT – “Can Be Better”

Well, it looks like somebody slept in this morning! He’d better run fast because getting to work late is…


So is dropping a company work phone in the sewer.

We’re not sure this barber is qualified to do his job…

…but we are sure this employee shouldn’t have let his friends come to visit him!


6. Lee Hyori – “Bad Girls”

If anyone did this during an interview they would lose their job before it started…

…but who wants to work for “wolves” like them anyway?


7. EXO-CBX – “Hey Mama”

Keeping an untidy workspace may not be just cause for termination…

…but abusing office equipment is never a good idea.

Also, shouldn’t this news anchor…

…be reporting the news?

In this video, he’d rather party!


8. PSY – “New Face”

This bellboy won’t carry your bags…

…and this chef won’t cook your meals…

…but they will put on an entertaining dance show…

…so that deserves a tip!


9. EXID – “Ah Yeah”

Using the officer copier to scan your behind is a classic no-no…

…but these rebel employees don’t care!


10. EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun – “We Young”

There is way more singing and dancing than car repairs happening at this mechanics’ shop…

…but the customers really don’t mind!