4 K-Pop Music Videos That Received A Ton Of Dislikes For Various Reasons

Do you love or hate these music videos?

For the most part, it seems that the majority of K-Pop music videos released to the public tend to do pretty well in terms of their reception, with only some MVs here and there gaining a large number of dislikes. There are, however, a couple of videos that have a large dislike ratio for sometimes surprising reasons, some more legitimate than others. Here are 4 K-Pop music videos that received a large number of dislikes for an assortment of different reasons!

1. “Oppa is Just My Style” by PSY & HyunA

Released on August 14, 2012, PSY and HyunA’s “Oppa is Just My Style” has around 2.67 million likes, and 525k dislikes, giving it a dislike ratio of 16.4%. After the massive popularity of his mega-hit “Gangnam Style”, it shouldn’t be a surprise that anything he came out with next wouldn’t do as well, but “Oppa is Just My Style” proved to not be taken well at all.

Called by some the “failed version of ‘Gangnam Style'”, there are many parts of the music video that are similar, if not exact, to the original version, making some complain that it was both too similar and took out the “better” parts of the original.

HyunA’s involvement in the music video also came under fire as well. Despite her stunning visuals and charisma, her vocal performance was criticized in the song, leading to some fans even requesting that all of her singing parts be removed from the video. Despite all of this, though, the video has still earned nearly 800 million views!


Released on April 3, 2019, MOMOLAND’s “BANANA CHACHA” has around 333k likes and 58k dislikes, giving it a dislike ratio of 14.8%. The peppy song and brightly colored music video were aimed towards kids, and the group even collaborated with Pororo, a popular cartoon character in Korea.

Sadly, even though the song was created for children, there was still a lot of backlash from K-Pop fans. Despite the target audience, fans of the group were expecting something similar to what MOMOLAND had been releasing before “BANANA CHACHA”, and were frustrated that the group came out with such a “childish” song and music video.

The lyrics of the song also didn’t have much meaning, but again, it was created for children and was a collaboration with a popular cartoon! Others were annoyed that the song was advertised so much on various videos on YouTube, but at the end of the day, none of this was MOMOLAND’s doing and the hate seems quite undeserved.

3. “For the Night” by As One

Released on October 28, 2014, As One’s “For the Night” has around 61k likes and 35k dislikes, giving it a dislike ratio of 36.5%. Even though the song itself is quite soothing and soulful, the music video for the song is one of, if not the, most disliked K-Pop songs on YouTube.

The video is very sexual, with the woman in the MV wearing revealing clothing in order to seduce the man she’s working as a maid for. While by some people’s standards, the level of sexuality and revealing clothing might not be that extreme, many Korean viewers felt that the MV was less on the artistic side and ended up being more pornographic than anything else.

Overall, many people were disappointed that such a beautifully performed song was paired with such a risque music video, complaining that it must have been done for shock value to increase views and gain attention. Of course, opinions on the sexual nature of the MV are subjective, so there are many that don’t mind it either!

4. “Lonely Christmas” by Crayon Pop

Released on December 1, 2013, Crayon Pop’s “Lonely Christmas” has around 66k likes, and 15k dislikes, giving the video an 18.5% dislike rate. The group had already built a somewhat rocky reputation due to their strange styling (remember the helmets from “Bar Bar Bar”?) and allegedly plagirising other concepts and songs.

They were accused by J-Cast News of using the background music of “Lupin the Third”, a popular Japanese manga and anime series, for the beginning of “Lonely Christmas”. When the producer was confronted with these accusations, however, he denied anything of the sort, and claimed that if he had intended to plagiarize the show, he would have made it much more difficult to recognize.

These reasons, on top of Crayon Pop’s seeming to rely on the same types of concepts, outfits, and music styles repeatedly, all led to this otherwise cheerful and cute MV sadly getting many dislikes.

Source: BeBoss TV