These Are The Top 25 Most-Watched K-Pop Music Videos From A Whole Decade Ago

It’s amazing to see how much MV views have increased since 2010!

Can you believe that 2010 was a whole decade ago? It may be wild to think about, but it’s true! K-Pop was a whole lot different back then, with the most popular groups now less active, or possibly even disbanded, in modern days. At the time, however, the following 25 K-Pop songs were the most popular of their day, and even today they are definitely considered classics! It’s really interesting to see how much the music genre has grown by comparing the views these music videos got compared to today’s most popular. Check out all of these most-watched MVs from 2010!

25. “Breath” by BEAST

Views: 31.3 million

Likes: 162.7k

Release Date: September 29

24. “HUH” by 4MINUTE

Views: 31.5 million

Likes: 135.2k

Release Date: May 20

23. “I’ll Be Back” by 2PM

Views: 31.8 million

Likes: 149.2k

Release Date: October 11

22. “Shock” by BEAST

Views: 34.1 million

Likes: 189.7k

Release Date: July 26

21. “It Hurts” by 2NE1

Views: 34.9 million

Likes: 279.4k

Release Date: October 31

20. “Beautiful” by BEAST

Views: 35.1 million

Likes: 212.0k

Release Date: November 15

19. “Nu Abo” by f(x)

Views: 35.7 million

Likes: 217.9k

Release Date: May 4

18. “Abracadabra” by Brown Eyed Girls

Views: 37.6 million

Likes: 222.4k

Release Date: August 20

17. “Breath” by Miss A

Views: 39.0 million

Likes: 197.7k

Release Date: September 26

16. “Don’t Stop the Music” by 2NE1

Views: 39.1 million

Likes: 153.7k

Release Date: December 2

15. “Fire” (Street Version) by 2NE1

Views: 41.0 million

Likes: 338.6k

Release Date: September 5

14. “Can’t Nobody” by 2NE1

Views: 42.0 million

Likes: 228.2k

Release Date: September 11

13. “Tell Me Goodbye” by BIGBANG

Views: 43.2 million

Likes: 224.4k

Release Date: May 16

12. “Right Now” by PSY

Views: 46.7 million

Likes: 269.0k

Release Date: October 20

11. “Hoot” by Girls’ Generation

Views: 49.3 million

Likes: 254.0k

Release Date: October 27

10. “Go Away” by 2NE1

Views: 50.8 million

Likes: 317.2k

Release Date: September 9

9. “I Need A Girl” by Taeyang

Views: 64.5 million

Likes: 238.5k

Release Date: July 9

8. “Bad Girl, Good Girl” by Miss A

Views: 69.7 million

Likes: 521.8k

Release Date: June 30

7. “Genie” by Girls’ Generation

Views: 70.1 million

Likes: 446.8k

Release Date: February 25

6. “Hello” by SHINee

Views: 76.2 million

Likes: 564.1k

Release Date: October 4

5. “No Other” by Super Junior

Views: 101.3 million

Likes: 705.0k

Release Date: July 7

4. “Run Devil Run” by Girls’ Generation

Views: 108.7 million

Likes: 604.2k

Release Date: March 16

3. “Lucifer” by SHINee

Views: 113.9 million

Likes: 795.9k

Release Date: July 19

2. “Bonamana” by Super Junior

Views: 126.6 million

Likes: 731.5k

Release Date: May 11

1. “Oh!” by Girls’ Generation

Views: 127.0 million

Likes: 642.8k

Release Date: January 26