15 K-Pop MVs That You Might Not Have Realized Were Filmed Everywhere But South Korea

K-Pop is truly worldwide!

When you think of K-Pop you, of course, think of South Korea, but interestingly enough a number of K-Pop music videos weren’t filmed in the country. Instead, groups traveled all over the world to give a different feeling to their videos! Here are just a few of the videos you might not have realized were filmed in different corners of the world.


1. TWICE — “Likey”

The location of TWICE‘s “Likey” is instantly recognizable if you’ve ever been there, but if you’ve never been you probably would have no idea this wasn’t filmed somewhere in South Korea. So where was it filmed? Vancouver, Canada!


2. BIGBANG  — “Bad Boy”

BIGBANG‘s “Bad Boy” is an unforgettable song that was actually filmed in New York City. In fact, you can totally tell they were pausing for a dance break at Williamsburg in Brooklyn which means you can totally do the same too if you’re in the area.


3. SISTAR — “Loving U”

The whole “Loving U” video feels like a mini-vacation and that may be due in part to the fact that the whole thing was actually filmed in Hawaii. The shots of beaches, boardwalks, pools, and planes will make you want to head on vacation yourself!


4. WINNER — “Fool”

Although “Really Really” was a bit of a giveaway with the palm trees, WINNER decided to stay in the LA area a little longer to film “Fool”. Interestingly, a number of scenes were filmed in the Macarthur Hotel, which means if you’re in Los Angeles you have the chance to visit a real-life K-Pop music video set!


5. B.A.P — “Badman”

Parts of this MV might be recognizable if you’ve ever seen the film “Transformers”, but some people might not realize these sets and all the others used in the video were shot in Detroit, Michigan.


6. SEVENTEEN — “Healing”

Beaches all over the world seem to be a pretty popular choice for K-Pop MVs and SEVENTEEN took over the beaches in Australia to shoot “Healing”


7. VIXX — “Only U”

VIXX gave us a look into beautiful Stockholm, Sweden as they filmed alongside sweeping bridges, cobblestone paths, and gorgeous parks. Although they might have been able to pull off that cold winter vibe in South Korea, the views from Sweden are so gorgeous that we’re glad they didn’t!


8. G-Dragon — “Crooked”

If you were really paying attention in “Crooked” you might have already guessed exactly where this MV was filmed! There are hints sprinkled throughout without giving too much away but it was filmed in London!


9. Davichi — “Cry Again”

Set against a backdrop of railroad tracks and old buildings, Davichi‘s “Cry Again” was filmed in the gorgeous city of Budapest, Hungary.


10. Kyuhyun — “A Million Pieces”

“A Million Pieces” is an absolutely romantic video and the beautiful landscape and towns featured just add to that appeal. While it wouldn’t be surprising if South Korea had a place this beautiful the whole MV was actually filmed in Switzerland.


11. Rain — “Marilyn Monroe”

A beautiful city to go with an equally beautiful song, Rain‘s “Marilyn Monroe” was shot in Brisbane, Australia!


12. 2PM — “Hands Up”

It might seem like that could be any city skyline or club anywhere in the world including South Korea, but 2PM traveled to Singapore to shoot this fun and funky MV!


13. Red Velvet — “Ice Cream Cake”

Red Velvet‘s fun “Ice Cream Cake” perhaps doubled the fun with their equally interesting music video. While it’s pretty obvious that the video wasn’t filmed in South Korea it might surprise you that it was shot in Palmdale, California!


14. 2NE1 — “Happy”

2NE1 is another group that decided to take to the streets of Los Angeles for their “Happy” MV. The gorgeous sunny vibes definitely work well with the title of this song!


15. Girls’ Generation — “Party”

South Korea has some pretty stunning beaches of their own but Girls’ Generation decided to skip over to Ko Samui, Thailand for their fun tropical “Party”. The overall aesthetic is just so gorgeous that you can’t blame them for deciding to film on location!