9 Times Male Idols Were So Hilariously Embarrassing, You’ll Wind Up Feeling Embarrassed Too

These idols have it down to a science.

As K-Pop fans, one thing that we’ve all had to accept and get used to over time is our favorite groups doing some pretty embarrassing things. This could be shown in a variety of ways, from the perfect unintentional meme face to being able to parody themselves so well it’s almost painful to watch.

As supporters of our favorite groups, one thing we have to do is push through that secondhand embarrassment and just keep supporting. Every group has their niche for their style of awkward or cringey or plain embarrassing moments, so here are only nine examples of male idols being that kind of awkward to get you started.

1. DAY6’s Parody Of The KBS 2019 Gayo Daechukje Jingle

First up, we have DAY6. The band performed a parody to the ad for the KBS 2019 Gayo Daechukje. The original featured the show’s two hosts—GOT7‘s Jr. and Red Velvet‘s Irene—as well as MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk, OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung, MAMAMOO‘s Solar, ITZY‘s Ryujin, and TXT‘s Soobin. In typical DAY6 fashion, they performed it lightheartedly, poking a bit of fun at hosts Jr. and Irene while also embarrassingly roasting themselves. Honestly, though, what else would we expect from a talented and hilarious band like DAY6?

First, check out the original:

And now here’s DAY6’s version:

2. SHINee Playing Charades Feat. Jonghyun Looking More Like A Suitcase Than An Actual Suitcase

Charades is always a fun party game that’s guaranteed to result in a little confusion but also some big laughs, and a perfect example of that is SHINee‘s attempt at the game during one of their concerts in Japan. Taemin was the one who had to guess while the hyungs desperately tried to act out an object—a suitcase. However, it was Jonghyun who stole the show with his convincing performance, even though Taemin sadly never got the hint.

3. “Annyeong Cleopatra” Disaster pt. 1

The great game of “Annyeong Cleopatra” is one that’s featured on nearly every variety show. Here we have groups CROSS GENE and SF9 on an episode of Weekly Idol playing a variation of the game, with the standard rules still applying where the person who hits the highest, most supersonic dolphin note will bring home the win. All of the players make an admirable effort, but then some go way above and totally beyond.

4. “Annyeong Cleopatra” Disaster pt. 2

Here we have another “Annyeong Cleopatra” game, only this time it’s MONSTA X versus BTOB. Everything about the game is the same, but the outcome is something all its own. One could argue that it’s expected of these two competitive and crackhead groups, especially with members like MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, who performs his turn so well you can see Kihyun‘s cringe-laden soul leave his body in embarrassment. These guys show they’re experts at the game, so if you want any pro-tips, give this video a watch.

5. WayV Being…WayV

This is one of those videos that look like it’d be a “who in WayV behaves like this,” except it’s actually WayV. We get to see Hendry, Xiaojun, and Yangyang in their natural element as well as a little bit of an unamused Kun, well, he was at first. They’re sure to impress you with their strong comedian-type tendencies, and it’ll also make you wonder if stanning them is worth the secondhand embarrassment (*whispers* it is).

6. The Video That Will Haunt Minho Forever

Sometimes things we say or do end up following us for the rest of our lives. This little snippet by Minho from his part in SHINee’s song “The SHINee World (Doo-Bop)” is something that will for sure make you feel embarrassed for Minho. However, it’s become an iconic meme that every K-Pop fan needs to know. So without further ado, here’s a dibidibidis-filled clip that will definitely brighten your day—after making you let out an exasperated sigh first.

7. Cross-Dressing Performance pt. 1

This is one of the first cross-dressing performances of K-Pop’s second generation. VIXX, minus Leo of course, performed a cover of Wonder Girls‘ “So Hot.” It’s simultaneously a brilliant performance and also one that you kind of want to look away from. It’s the epitome of a moment in K-Pop history that’ll make you question why you’re a fan. The best part? Ravi‘s little apology to JYP at the beginning before starting their performance. If they’re embarrassed about their cover before they even begin, we’re pretty sure you will be too.

8. Cross-Dressing Performance pt. 2

If there’s ever a video that makes you deeply question why you’re a K-Pop fan, this is the one. In 2016, BTOB performed a cover of Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” on the SBS show The Boss Is Watching. The audience was full of fellow idols, including members from BTS, MONSTA X, and TWICE. The crowd even included the vice president of CUBE Entertainment, Noh Hyun Tae. Their performance made everyone cringe in overwhelming secondhand embarrassment to the point many had to look away. It’s a performance guaranteed to make you cringe as well, but even though it does, it’s still always worth a watch.

9. SHINee Krump Fail (We Miss You Jonghyun!)

This final entry is both one with some of the most secondhand embarrassment, yet is also one that is most heartwarming. In a video that was first posted on Key‘s Instagram, we see SHINee hanging out backstage in a dressing room. Key prompts some of the members to do a short bit of different dance styles, and then a smiling Jonghyun walks in. Energetic krumping ensues, and the rest is history.

This is just a very abbreviated list of the dozens upon dozens of hilarious ways in which our favorite male idols have made us feel secondhand embarrassment. Sure, these guys are super cringey at times, but it’s that cringe factor that also made us decide to stan.

Source: IMBC