These Are The Only 8 Non-Korean K-Pop Group Leaders

Only a few are still active!

There are different factors involved when choosing the leader of a K-Pop group. It used to be that it was almost always the oldest member who would automatically become leader of their group, but these days, it seems that personalities and other traits are taken into account when choosing a leader. Interestingly, though there are more foreign idols these days than in years past, there have been very few non-Korean leaders in the industry. In fact, there have been only eight past or present leaders of K-Pop groups that aren’t Korean, and these are all of them!

1. Victoria (f(x))

Victoria is the leader, main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist, and visual of f(x), and she’s Chinese!

2. Léa (Secret Number)

Léa is the leader and lead vocalist of Secret Number, and she’s Japanese!

3. Mashiro (Kep1er)

Mashiro is the co-leader of Kep1er, and she’s Japanese!

4. Shana (Lapillus)

Shana is the leader and vocalist of Lapillus, and she’s Japanese!

5. Takuya (Cross Gene)

Takiya was the leader, vocalist, and visual of Cross Gene, and he’s Japanese!

6. Fatou (BLACKSWAN)

Fatou is the leader, main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of BLACKSWAN, and she’s Senegalese-Belgian!

7. Kazuta (n.SSign)

| n.CH Entertainment

Kazuta is the leader and dancer of n.SSign, and he’s Japanese!

8. Keita (EVNNE)

| Jellyfish Entertainment

Keita is the leader of EVNNE, and he’s Japanese!

Source: Reddit