11 Male Idols Who Look Like The Maknaes, But Are Actually The Oldest In Their Group

These boys are taking the youthful concept to a whole new level!

Sometimes people look like their age, sometimes they look older, and other times they seem to have been blessed by the fountain of youth. Many idols seem to have been blessed with a youthful appearance but on occasion you come across an idol who is much older than they appear. It’s even more shocking when you find out they are the oldest member of their group!


1. Jin (BTS)

Mr. “Worldwide Handsome” has left people all over the world stunned with his incredible visuals but he may also leave people stunned with his age!

Jin was born in 1992 making him the oldest member. It’s often easy to forget he’s the oldest one since he could easily pass for a maknae!


2. Xiumin (EXO)

Xiumin has been fooling people with his age for years! His cute visuals paired with his sweet smile or child-like pouting face have tricked many people into thinking he’s younger than he is.

While he could totally pass as a maknae and has actually had people believe he was one of the youngest members in the group, he is actually the oldest member, having been born in 1990!


3. Onew (SHINee)

Although SHINee has been together for 10 years, Onew‘s sweet and charming visuals have changed very little. He gives off a certain sweet and youthful vibe that just contributes to his maknae like image.

This maknae-like appearance have left many people shocked to find out that he was born in 1989.


4. Sunggyu (INFINITE)

Sunggyu‘s charming smile adds an even greater youthful feel to his already boyish visuals.

Despite his young appearance, Sunggyu is actually a 1989 baby same as SHINee’s Onew!


5. Doojoon (Highlight)

Since Doojoon has started performing, it seems like he has aged very little. In addition to his seeming agelessness, he likes to wear casual fashion which gives him a certain college-like atmosphere.

Crazily enough, he’s Highlight‘s oldest member! He was also born in 1989!


6. Jinwoo (WINNER)

Jinwoo has often left fans speechless with his powerful vocals but he’s also stunned them with his flawless skin and big deer-like eyes.

Jinwoo also gives off cute charms, especially when he smiles softly. Regardless of what his looks would make you believe, he’s the oldest hyung, having been born in 1991.


7. Taeil (NCT)

NCT is full of young and youthful faces so it’s honestly pretty hard picking out who is the youngest and who is the oldest member.

Taeil was born in 1994 which makes him the oldest member. Despite this, his youthful atmosphere makes it hard to pinpoint him as the eldest!


8. Jay (iKON)

Jay has been confusing fans for years with his youthful looks. Despite this, he is the eldest member of iKON and was born in 1994.

It’s really hard to believe that Jay is the oldest member of iKON! Just look at his flawless visuals and that child-like wonder in his eyes!



ASTRO‘s MJ was born in 1994, making him the eldest member in his group. Even though he may be the oldest member, he visuals may have you believing he’s a lot younger than he is!

In addition to his youthful appearance, he is also a happy virus that will keep you smiling all day with his beautiful smile and sweet personality.


10. Eunkwang (BTOB)

Eunkwang has long had fans thinking he was younger than he is!

He has some pretty flawless visuals and has a certain boyish charm that just keeps fans guessing at his real age! In reality, he was born in 1990!


11. Yoon Jisung (Wanna One)

Wanna One is another group that will leave you guessing how old each member is. Every member seems to be blessed with boyish charms and you can’t help but think each one is part of the maknae line.

One of the members with the most surprising age is Yoon Jisung. He is the oldest member in the group and was born in 1991! It seems pretty impossible with his extremely youthful appearance!

Source: Insight