10 Parts In K-Pop Songs That Will Give You The Best Out-Of-Body Experience, According To Fans

There’s a lot of one particular artist on this list!

There are some K-Pop songs that have one specific part that the entire track seems to be leading up to, and once you reach that part, it can be almost an out-of-this-world experience. Whether it’s a particularly powerful bridge or just one member’s line in particular, these moments in K-Pop songs just always seem to hit in the right way no matter how many times you listen to them! Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans were asked to share what they think are moments like these in songs, and these were 10 of their top answers. The included videos are linked to the times of those part in their respective songs!

1. This specific line in IVE’s “I Am”.

2. The bridge in EXO’s “Tempo”.

3. The ending of “Desire” by ATEEZ.

4. Wooyoung’s part in the chorus of “Mist” by ATEEZ.

5. The bridge in TXT’s “Maze in the Mirror”.

6. This specific line by Jongho in ATEEZ’s “The Ring”.

7. The first verse in “Eleven” by IVE.

8. RM’s “stuttering rap” part in BTS’s “Ddaeng”.

9. The entirety of “Louder Than Bombs” by BTS.

10. The bridge in ATEEZ’s “DUNE”.

Source: Reddit