25 Idol Photos That Are The Definition Of “Perfect Timing”

Timing really is everything!

We’ve all seen those photos that catch their subject at the most amazing moment. Some are just amazing others are plain funny but it isn’t just normal occasions when photos like this were taken. Some fans were lucky enough to capture their idols at the absolute perfect moment, and the results are pure gold!


1. When BTS’s Jimin controlled the fire


2. And so did NCT’s Taeyong


3. The series of photos that reveal when ASTRO’s Sanha noticed the bug on his shoulder


4. Or the time EXO’s Kai saw a huge bug


5. Then there was the time SEVENTEEN’s Vernon didn’t notice the giant bug on his neck but fans did


6. Of course, there’s this surprising photo of MAMAMOO’s Solar


7. We no longer wondered what BTS’s V would look like with tiny eyes


8. Nor can we unsee EXO’s Kai with a tiny mouth after this picture


9. The exact moment when BTOB Changsub’s handshake was rejected


10. This extremely aesthetic picture of SHINee’s Taemin


11. Speaking of aesthetic have you seen this one of BTS’s Jimin?


12. Nothing can beat this picture of TWICE’s Mina getting out of the car


13. Although this moment where TWICE’s Dahyun spotting the camera comes pretty close


14. We can’t deny this picture of NCT’s Mark channeling his inner Harry Potter isn’t super cute


15. This photo JB took while GOT7 were in the middle of pranking Yugyeom


16. These photos of SEVENTEEN’s Jun that prove he’s part bird


17. The ridiculously cute photo of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo just being herself


18. The heartwarming moment between BTOB’s Minhyuk and a young fan


19. This photo of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon that is just too stunning for words


20. Who knows what’s going on with SHINee’s Minho…but we love it!


21. When it looked like Wendy and Seulgi were scolding Irene as if she was a little kid


22. This work of pure art with VIXX’s N


23. Of course, this photo of Wanna One is a masterpiece too


24. We can’t help but smile at this photo that captured the moment NCT’s Taeil winked at Johnny


25. Nor can we forget this knowing grin on BLACKPINK Jennie’s face during this pic!