10 K-Pop And Pop Culture Crossover Projects That We Still Can’t Believe Exist

Did these really happen?

K-Pop really is a global phenomenon. K-Pop songs have made appearances in shows like Family Guy and Lucifer, but sometimes pop culture and K-Pop mix in a more unexpected way. From appearances on America’s Next Top Model to real-life comic book character appearances, here are some crossover projects between K-Pop idols and pop culture that we still have a hard time believing exist.


1. The time BTOB were guests on America’s Next Top Model

When the contestants of 2016 America’s Next Top Model headed to Seoul, they were surprised to find themselves face to face with BTOB! The group helped to teach them some dance moves and the contestants were later judged by the boys for their performance.


And that wasn’t the first time K-Pop and the popular model show had a crossover. In 2014, 2NE1Jay Park, and former Royal Pirates member James all guest starred on the show and made us all jealous with their talents.


2. When Stan Lee did a collab with Clara Lee

Stan Lee is always making sneaky little appearances in Marvel movies but some people might not know he also snuck his way into Clara Lee‘s “Gwiyomi Song 2” music video!


And performs all the moves too!


3. That time Rain and Stephen Colbert had a dance off

After being beaten in an online poll by the singer in 2007, Stephen Colbert declared Rain his arch nemesis. This led to a lot of funny back and forth banter between the two and eventually culminated in the most epic dance-off we’ve ever seen!


4. When Hugh Jackman became a member of SISTAR

Hugh Jackman was probably not expecting to fall in love with SISTAR when he appeared on Star King and even less likely to guess he would dance with them.


But he did and somehow this moment has led fans to recognize him as an honorary extra member of the group!


5. How about the time Barack Obama mentioned SHINee?

In 2017, former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke at the 8th Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul. After declaring his own love for Korean food and reflecting on the strong alliance between the United States and South Korea, he casually slipped SHINee into the conversation!


6. The collab between f(x) and Pet Shop Boys

While collaborations and projects between music acts aren’t all that uncommon, some of them are just so epic and amazing that we can’t stop thinking about them years later! The collab between f(x) and Pet Shop Boys is one of them!


The duo who are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful duo in UK music history performed together with the legendary girl group at MAMA 2015. The combination is pure perfection and we still can’t get over this crazy collab!


7. When Ylvis and Crayon Pop brought down the house at MAMA 2013

What does the fox say when it meets Crayon Pop? Well, that’s exactly what everyone found out when Ylvis joined Crayon Pop at MAMA 2013. Their epic performance brought the house down and even 5 years later we still can’t get over it!


8. Hyolyn and Stevie Wonder’s performance together

But it wasn’t just Ylvis and Crayon Pop that gave an incredibly impressive performance at MAMA 2013. Hyolyn and Stevie Wonder also seriously impressed with their performance of “I Just Called To Say I Love You”. How two amazing collabs like these happened that year, we’ll never know but we’ll forever be thankful for them!


9. When BTS’s V busted out some moves to “Gangsta’s Paradise” in front of Coolio

American Hustle Life gave us a ton of great moments with BTS but one of the most memorable was when V started to dance to “Gangsta’s Paradise” when he met Coolio. Although Coolio didn’t look all too impressed, we know we were!


10. The love story between Deadpool and Hyuna

When the first “Deadpool” movie was coming out, Hyuna did a photo shoot for High Cut magazine that paired her with the superhero.


If the photos weren’t already pretty epic as they were, Ryan Reynolds later posted a picture of himself hugging the magazine and declaring his love for Hyuna!