Here Are 10+ K-Pop Themed Pumpkin Carving And Painting Ideas For Halloween

#7 is seriously cute — and just as easy!

Here are some K-Pop-inspired jack-o’-lanterns that will give you all the spooky inspiration you need to create the best pumpkin ever this Halloween! If you’re stumped on exactly what to do, these 10+ creations from fans should give you some ideas.

1. Carve your pumpkin and spread your wings.

These BTS wings designs will catch any ARMY’s attention.

| Nova/Amino
| kpopfan21/Amino

2. Sometimes, a simple logo is the best option.

As a bonus, anyone who walks by and points at your creation becomes potential BFF material.

| lee.huiwen/Amino

3. An iconic scene from your favorite music video or stage is epic.

Whether it’s VIXX’s “Shangri-La” or any performance with a memorable scene, there are tons of legendary moments to choose from.

| Erica Park/Pinterest

4. Flex your talent with an unmistakable symbol.

If you’re looking for a challenge, or are just blessed in the art of pumpkin carving, take on recreating the whole group.

| yoonkittys/Twitter

5. The key is to keep the lines super sharp and precise.

From U-KISS’s logo to Red Velvet’s symbol, simple designs can look like they took much longer than they actually did.

| angelofpurity1992/DeviantArt

6. Turn the whole pumpkin into your favorite BT21 character.

Instead of creating the whole character’s body, carving their face can have the same effect.

| seokjinysus/Reddit

7. …or paint it!

This super simple technique can be done on any size pumpkin. Choose your favorite for a big pumpkin or create the whole squad on mini pumpkins!

| Blueberryboy/Amino

8. If you’re searching for more difficult ideas, look no further.

Alternatively, if you have the skill level of the rest of us, stick with the BTS logo.

| yoonkittys/Twitter

9. Trying to avoid a mess? Skip carving altogether.

No pumpkin seeds to dig through sounds like heaven to my ears.

| KyonNova/Amino

10. Make the painting as big as you want.

It’s my pumpkin and I’ll paint it how I want to.

| bts_holly/Amino

11. Try a lineart version.

This leaves most of the pumpkin intact — and looks eerily cool all lit up!

| Mpmxx/Reddit

12. When all else fails, let everyone know how much you love your bias.

Keep in mind, you might not have enough room for “J-HOOOOOOOOOPE” (Solution: Get a bigger pumpkin).

| DeztineeDankz/Amino