K-Pop Reddit Has Finally Announced Their 2021 Annual Awards — Here Are The Top 3 Results For Each Category

Redditors have some interesting taste!

For the last 11 years, the K-Pop forum on Reddit has been hosting annual awards for K-Pop fans and Redditors to vote for their favorites in a variety of categories, such as best album of the year, best collaboration of the year, best choreography of the year, and many more. Though we’re already into February of 2022, the results for the 2021 annual awards were just posted recently! Here is a look at the top 3 highest-voted winners for each of the categories.

Album of the Year 2021

3. Lilac by IU

2. Dystopia: Road to Utopia by Dreamcatcher

1. Formula of Love: O+T=<3 by TWICE

Song of the Year 2021

3. “BEcause” by Dreamcatcher

2. “After School” by Weeekly

1. “Next Level” by aespa

B-Side Of The Year 2021

3. “Bonnie & Clyde” by Yuqi

2. “Wind Blows” by Dreamcatcher

1. “Fever” by ENHYPEN

Music Video of the Year 2021

3. “First” by EVERGLOW

2. “Thunderous” by Stray Kids

1. “BEcause” by Dreamcatcher

Producer of the Year 2021

3. Black Eyed Pilseung

2. Jeon Soyeon

1. Leez and ollounder

Best Foreign Language Song 2021

3. “Hula Hoop” by LOONA

2. “Bonnie and Clyde” by Yuqi

1. “The Feels” by TWICE

OST Song of the Year 2021

3. “Adrenaline” by Solar (Vincenzo OST Part 3)

2. “I Love You More Than Anyone” by TWICE (Hospital Playlist Season 2 OST Part 4)

1. “Shadow” by Siyeon & Dami (Dark Hole OST Part 2)

Best Album Cover Art 2021

3. The Other Side of the Moon by GWSN

2. Queendom by Red Velvet

1. I Burn by (G)I-DLE

Best Teaser 2021

3. The Chaos Chapter: Freeze (Concept Trailer) by TXT

2. “Episode 1: Black Mamba” (SM Culture Universe) by aespa

1. “Queens Mystical General Store” (Comeback Teaser) by Red Velvet

Best Song Cover 2021

3. “ME!” by Tzuyu & Bang Chan (Orig. Taylor Swift & Brendan Urie

2. “Kiss Me More” by STAYC (Orig. Doja Cat ft. SZA

1. “Fiction” by Minnie, Lee Chaeyeon, Ryujin, & Isa (Orig. BEAST)

Best Collaboration 2021

3. “Is This Bad B****** Number?” by Soyeon ft. BIBI & Lee Youngji

2. “0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” by TXT ft. Seori

1. “Nakka” by AKMU ft. IU

Best Female Soloist 2021

3. Taeyeon

2. Sunmi

1. IU

Best Male Soloist 2021

3. Baekhyun

2. Key

1. Taemin

Best Female Duo/Group 2021

3. aespa

2. Dreamcatcher


Best Male Duo/Group 2021

3. SHINee

2. TXT

1. Stray Kids

Best New Artist 2021 – Soloist

3. Joy

2. Yuqi

1. Wendy

Best New Artist 2021 – Female Duo/Group



1. IVE

Best New Artist 2021 – Male Duo/Group



1. Xdinary Heroes

Best Live Performance 2021

3. “Thunderous” (Christmas Version) by Stray Kids at SBS Gayo Daejun

2. “New Days” by Dreamcatcer at Halloween Midnight Circus Online Concert

1. “LOCO” + “Mafia in the Morning” by ITZY at MAMA 2021

Best Live Vocal Performance 2021 – Solo

3. “Leave the Door Open” by Ailee (Orig. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, & Silk Sonic) at Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook

2. “Like Water” by Wendy at MBC Mdromeda it’s KPOP LIVE

1. “Title Track Medley” by IU at Dingo Music Killing Voice

Best Live Vocal Performance 2021 – Duo/Group

3. “Where Are We Now” by MAMAMOO at MBC Mdromeda it’s KPOP LIVE

2. “Nakka” by AKMU & IU on IU’s Palette Ep. 9

1. “A Heart of Sunflower” by Dreamcatcher at Halloween Midnight Circus Online Concert

Best Choreography 2021 – Solo

3. “Spider” by Hoshi

2. “Tail” by Sunmi

1. “Advice” by Taemin

Best Choreography 2021 – Female Duo/Group

3. “Alcohol-Free” by TWICE

2. “Odd Eye” by Dreamcatcher

1. “Mafia in the Morning” by ITZY

Best Choreography 2021 – Male Duo/Group

3. “Hot Sauce” by NCT DREAM

2. “Don’t Call Me” by SHINee

1. “Thunderous” by Stray Kids

Best Ballad Song 2021 – Solo

3. “All I Got” by Baekhyun

2. “Like Water” by Wendy

1. “My Sea” by IU

Best Ballad Song 2021 – Duo/Group

3. “Kind” by SHINee

2. “Where Are We Now” by MAMAMOO

1. “Doughnut” by TWICE

Best Rock Artist 2021


2. DAY6

1. Rolling Quartz

Best Rock Song 2021

3. “Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes” by AKMU ft. Lee Sunhee

2. “Poison” by Pink Fantasy

1. “LO$ER=LO♡ER” by TXT

Best Rap Artist 2021

3. Epik High

2. Jessi

1. Soyeon

Best Rap Song 2021

3. “Rosario” by Epik High ft. CL & Zico

2. “What Type of X” by Jessi

1. “Is This Bad B****** Number?” by Soyeon ft. BIBI & Lee Youngji

Best R&B Artist 2021

3. LeeHi

2. Heize


Best R&B Song 2021

3. “Happen” by HEIZE

2. “Bambi” by Baekhyun

1. “Coin” by IU

Source: Reddit