The 25 Current Most-Watched K-Pop Rookie Group Music Videos

The top two have over 100 million views!

To most people, rookie idol groups are those that are less than two years old as a general rule. While this isn’t necessarily set in stone, it’s the age that will be used for the K-Pop artists that are featured on this list!

aespa’s Winter

There have been several new artists that debuted in the last couple of years that have been remarkably successful already, both from large, well-known companies as well as smaller ones!

Weeekly’s Jihan

These are the 25 most-watched rookie K-Pop group music videos at the current time.

25. “My Turn” by CRAVITY

Released on January 19, 2021, “My Turn” has 17.40 million views and 334.4k likes.

24. “Got That Boom” by Secret Number

Released on November 4, 2020, “Got That Boom” has 18.13 million views and 950.8k likes.

23. “Movie Star” by CIX

Released on July 23, 2019, “Movie Star” has 18.39 million views and 609.7k likes.

22. “Ponzona” by PURPLE KISS

Released on March 15, 2021, “Ponzona” has 19.88 million views and 262.2k likes.

21. “Exit” by T1419

Released on March 31, 2021, “Exit” has 20.42 million views and 54.1k likes.

20. “Cinema” by CIX

Released on February 2, 2021, “Cinema” has 20.83 million views and 179.9k likes.

19. “Bouncy” by Rocket Punch

Released on February 10, 2020, “Bouncy” has 22.05 million views and 199.4k likes.

18. “Let Me In (20 Cube)” by ENHYPEN

Released on December 20, 2020, “Let Me In (20 Cube)” has 23.04 million views and 1.35 million likes.

17. “BIM BAM BUM” by Rocket Punch

Released on August 7, 2019, “BIM BAM BUM” has 25.46 million views and 396.5k likes.

16. “So Bad” by STAYC

Released on November 12, 2020, “So Bad” has 25.67 million views and 734.7k likes.

15. “Jungle” by CIX

Released on October 27, 2020, “Jungle” has 26.30 million views and 323.6k likes.

14. “Ice Age” by MCND

Released on February 27, 2020, “Ice Age” has 26.49 million views and 846.0k likes.

13. “My Treasure” by TREASURE

Released on January 11, 2021, “My Treasure” has 29.94 million views and 1.26 million likes.

12. “Asurabalbalta” by T1419

Released on January 11, 2021, “Asurabalbalta” has 31.28 million views and 212.7k likes.

11. “Who Dis?” by Secret Number

Released on May 19, 2020, “Who Dis?” has 37.86 million views and 1.43 million likes.


Released on November 11, 2020, “MMM” has 40.29 million views and 1.61 million likes.

9. “Given-Taken” by ENHYPEN

Released on November 30, 2020, “Given-Taken” has 40.98 million views and 2.78 million likes.

8. “Forever” by aespa

Released on February 5, 2021, “Forever” has 41.40 million views and 1.20 million likes.

7. “Going Crazy” by TREASURE

Released on January 29, 2020, “Going Crazy” has 56.46 million views and 1.35 million likes.

6. “After School” by Weeekly

Released on March 17, 2021, “After School” has 59.64 million views and 1.38 million likes.

5. “I Love You” by TREASURE

Released on September 18, 2020, “I Love You” has 66.94 million views and 2.11 million likes.

4. “Next Level” by aespa

Released on May 17, 2021, “Next Level” has 67.31 million views and 1.71 million likes.


Released on August 7, 2020, “BOY” has 77.97 million views and 2.32 million likes.

2. “Flash” by X1

Released on August 27, 2019, “Flash” has 110.5 million views and 1.71 million likes.

1. “Black Mamba” by aespa

Released on November 17, 2020, “Black Mamba” has 149.4 million views and 3.01 million likes.