7 Rumors That Would Shatter The K-Pop World If They Were Proven True

These rumors probably aren’t true…but what if they were?

1. Rumor: BTS’s Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon really can’t stand each other.

This rumor has become a running joke between ONCEs and ARMYs. They believe that something is going on between Jimin and Jeongyeon…but they’re not sure what.


The rumours began after a few Jimin and Jeongyeon interaction clips surfaced. In them, these idols seem like they can’t stand being in the same room with each other. In this one, Jimin appears to be shooting Jeongyeon a “look” when she begins singing along with BTS.


In this one, most of the TWICE members laugh when Jimin appears on the screen. Jeongyeon, on the other hand, looks thoroughly unimpressed.


Some Redditors speculated that the bad blood could have been caused by a past dating experience.

  • My 1 dollar is on them having dated before Jimin’s debut and broken up unwillingly when he debuted. I have 0 facts to support this and purely going off of my gut feeling. I don’t even know if they lived in the same city back then.
  • I read somewhere that the reason is because Jimin rejected Jeongyeon for Seulgi. What a wild theory.
  • This is hilarious. They really look like they hardcore dislike each other. Considering that BTS and Twice have a lot of promo cycle that synced up I wonder what happened? Maybe they dated and broke up? Maybe Jimin dated someone JY knew? Maybe they are in love and this is all a huge front! I love this beef.


These rumors are likely just rumors, but if they did turn out to be true, the internet might explode!


2. Rumor: CJ E&M is plotting to take over the K-Pop industry.

The rise of CJ E&M‘s Produce series has made fans wonder if the company has a get-rich-quick scheme in the works. Rumor has it that CJ E&M has figured out how to use other companies’ resources to make a quick buck.


Instead of training and debuting their own idols, they can create Produce groups with trainees that other companies have put money into and trained. CJ E&M has also started acquiring music companies and pushing their own labels, like MMO Entertainment.


For this reason, some netizens don’t think a certain Wanna One member’s success was entirely due to his talent.

  • Kang Daniel is certainly a talented guy, but he also just so happens to be from MMO Entertainment–which just so happens to be under CJ E&M’s Stone Music Entertainment. Isn’t it lucky how he managed to take the top spot in Produce thus guaranteeing any future MMO group at least some attention?


Between the “Big 3” and Big Hit Entertainment, CJ E&M would have their world domination work cut out for them, but still…what if CJ E&M really is the dark horse after all?


3. Rumor: LOONA is a money-laundering scheme.

Rumor has it that LOONA is actually an elaborate money-laundering scheme due to the profits they have earned for their company, Blockberry Creative.


Some netizens think it’s suspicious how much the group has supposedly improved their company’s sales in a short time, claiming that LOONA doubled their profits in a year. If this is true, netizens believe it would affect LOONA’s popularity in Korea.

  • yyxy doubled OEC’s sales before even doing a repackage (13k up from 6.5k). At this rate they aren’t going to be inconspicuous for much longer. Will be hilarious if it actually is a money laundering scheme but the people they hired did their job so well it became obvious.
  • LOONA being exposed as a money-laundering scheme would probably kill any chance they have in Korea and probably start some investigations into a few other companies. International fans probably wouldn’t care.


4. Rumor: If a currently-active idol came out as homosexual, it would shake the Korean music world.

Some Redditors believe that if a current idol became as open about their homosexuality as Holland is, it could change K-Pop forever.


They believe that the reactions to such a coming out would be mixed, to say the least. International fans are likely to be more accepting than domestic fans, especially those from an older generation. Some netizens also think that the public’s reaction would depend on which idol came out.

  • Taeyeon or Yoona are huge public figures and hallyu stars, they’d shake up Asia a bit. Yuri would probably cause the least stir since she’s not as popular and a lot of people already assume she is lol.
  • It would be different simply because SNSD’s fan base is from an older generation than Twice’s. Twice has a younger generation in Korea that has shown to be statistically (and actually) more open-minded than their peers have been.


That said, active K-Stars are unlikely to risk their livelihood to come out of the closet. Since homosexuality is not widely accepted in Korea, a coming out could potentially end an idol’s career.

  • This is going to take a huge toll on the idol, and I don’t think anyone would willingly do this unless they were outed themselves. Nothing good can come out of it; they’ll be under public scrutiny and this will be terrible for whatever future relationships they have.
  • Also, forget the general public or the death of their careers — filial piety and family are HUGE things in Korea, and a majority if not almost all of the older generations are extremely, extremely homophobic.


5. Rumour: BTS had an 8th member.

BTS went through a number of lineup changes during their formation process, leaving RM as the group’s only original founding member.


Some fans believe that BTS was supposed to have an 8th member in addition to the final 7 ones. A number of threads on Twitter have been specially dedicated to theorizing about the mysterious 8th member. Fans have made various intriguing (and hilarious) suggestions that have made many wonder who this mystery member is and what would happen if his identity were uncovered.


6. Rumor: BLACKPINK’s Jennie is dating…somebody.

Jennie is a total catch, so it’s no wonder why she’s been involved in dating rumors, even if some of them seem a little farfetched.


In one rumour, Jennie has been named as Yang Hyun Suk‘s object of desire.

  • Yang Hyun Suk doing Blackpink dirty so they won’t be as successful so he can get with Jennie and marry her.


She has also been paired with two Teds. One is YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park. The other is a former YG Entertainment trainee named Teddie. 

Teddy Park
  • Some people argued that she was actually dating Teddie (not Teddy), a former YG trainee. He was talking about his life as YG trainee and he implied that he was dating Jennie. He was pretty close with Seungyoon, Jinwoo, B.I and Bobby too, there were some predebut pictures of them with him.


Jennie certainly is popular in the dating-rumor department, but who wouldn’t want to date this cutie?


7. Rumor: Jessica was kicked out of Girls’ Generation by her own members.

To this day, no one seems to know exactly why Jessica left her group, but it seems to have been a matter of having different priorities.


Even so, some netizens still speculated that bullying may have contributed to her departure, based on videos that supposedly show the members harassing Jessica. Others, on the other hand, argue that the bullying clips were taken out of context.

  • Those videos and gifs are honestly one of the most ridiculous part of kpop fandoms (only rivaled by all those videos of shipping “moments”). You could make videos like them with any other member too by taking snippets out of context.
  •  The amount of tiny moments these people take and run with. They could probably make a good case that I hate my own mum cause I turned my back on her once
  • Okay, now imagine if those GIFs and videos weren’t actually outta context and stuff. See how that would make the kpop industry implode?