TOP 12 Most Controversial Scandals Of All Time

The most intense events that ever happened in K-Pop.

1. G-Dragon “dry humps” a backup dancer on stage

During his “Shine A Light” concert, G-Dragon was accused of “dry humping” one of the dancers. The controversy was so great because it was an all ages concert, and the Korean government had to conduct an investigation. The dancer, Aimee, assured everyone that it was merely a short moment of straddling.

2. Public rumor spreading that U-KISS’s Soohyun and Jo Kwon were in a relationship

An old letter between Jo Kwon and Soohyun caused Jo Kwon to have to react to rumors and news that the two were in a relationship. The “love letters” talked about their desire to eat, sleep, live, and lay together. However, Jo Kwon said they were just playing around as platonic friends.

3. Seungri’s alleged one night stand

An anonymous female went to Japanese media about her one night stand with Seungri from BIGBANG. Along with images of Seungri asleep in bed, she accused him of being rough during sex and not kissing her once. Seungri took a break to reflect, fans argued that it was all fabricated, and the incident was never reached a conclusion in the end.

4. 90s singer Kim Sung Jae’s strange death

He was found dead in a hotel with 28 needle punctures in his arm, despite never having drugs before. The suspect was his girlfriend who had done strange things like tying him up in his sleep to prevent from going to an appointment and allegedly shooting him with a gas gun. She was found not guilty but it was believed that her rich & prestigious background played a part in the verdict.

5. Ivy’s series of scandals

In 2007, sexy soloist Ivy was involved with a web of scandals. From plagarism of a fight scene from “Final Fantasy VII” in her “Sonata of Temptation” music video to being blackmailed by an ex with nude photos and sex tapes to another rumor that she had been cheated with her then-boyfriend, Wheesung, for eight months. In 2010, rumors that the sex tape she was was floating around cropped up but it was confirmed that it was not her.

6. KARA’s Contract Issues

KARA filed a lawsuit against DSP Media to try to terminate their contracts due to overwork and low pay. DSP Media denied all claims, sparking public outcry which drove album sales for KARA. They rejoined DSP Media after this incident and ended up becoming even more successful than before.


7. Code-V Jaewon

He was kicked out of his group because his ex-girlfriend wrote a letter and published it online, accusing him of using her for money and not taking responsibility for getting her pregnant. She also spread news that he was racist towards Japanese fans, and that he was happy about the 2011 earthquake that affected Japan. As a result, the Japanese agency of Code-V kicked him out.

8. E.LF. declares war on SM Entertainment

In 2007, SM Entertainment created the Super Junior sub-unit, Super Junior M which saw the addition of two Zhou Mi and Henry. In order to keep Super Junior as 13, fans protested outside of the agency building with “Only 13” signs and even purchased 58 000 shares from SM Entertainment to get them to listen. Eunhyuk himself eventually addressed the harassment that Zhou Mi and Henry had received over the years. The two did promote with SJ-M for some time but never promoted under the name of just “Super Junior”.

9. Jang Seok Woo’s sexual assault of trainees

This formed CEO of Open World Entertainment is now in jail for drugging & sexually assaulting trainees and forcing male trainees to attack female trainees. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

10. Jay Park leaves 2PM & Korea in the same day

Jay Park’s MySpace was discovered by netizens, who were angered that he called Korea “gay”. Despite it being out of frustration and loneliness, he was ostracized. The public was enraged & demanded his departure from 2PM. He posted an apology & announced he was leaving 2PM and flew to Seattle the same day.

Soon afterwards, fans begged for him to come back and it seemed like it might just happen. But unfortunately, JYP Entertainment announced he would not be joining the group again. Instead, Jay Park took time off to himself and ended up launching a solo career in 2010. He’s currently CEO for successful hip-hop label AOMG.

11. G-Dragon accidentally smokes weed

Although cigarette & alcohol consumption is acceptable in Korea, marijuana usage is very forbidden and has a strong cultural taboo upon it. G-Dragon tested positive for marijuana consumption but stated he believed the cigarette handed to him at a party was a regular cigarette and not marijuana. Netizens were furious as most people would have faced jail time, but G-Dragon was let off the hook.