Here Are The Shortest To Tallest Of 12 Second Generation K-Pop Girl Groups

There’s nearly a 3″ difference between the shortest and tallest!

The second generation of K-Pop began in the mid-2000s and ended around 2012, and includes iconic and legendary groups such as Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, T-ARA, 4MINUTE, SISTAR, and many others!

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

Though sadly, the majority of these second generation girl groups either don’t have all of the members they started with or have disbanded completely, the impact they made on the industry will never be forgotten, and they still deserve to be recognized! Following a series of looking at the shortest to tallest of third and fourth generation groups, it’s only fair that we look at this data for second generation groups as well.

Former Nine Muses Gyeongree

Here are the shortest to tallest of 12 different second generation K-Pop girl groups! Note that for disbanded groups, their last member line-up is what is being used for measurement.

12. 2NE1

Member heights:

CL: 162cm

Dara: 162cm

Park Bom: 165cm

Minzy: 161cm

Average member height: 162.5cm (5’4″)

11. Wonder Girls

Member heights:

Yeeun: 165cm

Yubin: 161cm

Sunmi: 166cm

Hyelim: 165cm

Average member height: 164.3cm (5’4.5″)


Member heights:

Jihyun: 167cm

Gayoon: 165cm

Jiyoon: 165cm

HyunA: 164cm

Sohyun: 162cm

Average member height: 164.6cm (5’5″)

9. Girls’ Generation

Member heights:

Taeyeon: 160cm

Yuri: 167cm

Hyoyeon: 161cm

Sunny: 158cm

Yoona: 168cm

Tiffany: 162cm

Sooyoung: 172cm

Seohyun: 170cm

Average member height: 164.8cm (5’5″)

8. Apink

Member heights:

Chorong: 163cm

Bomi: 163cm

Eunji: 162cm

Naeun: 168cm

Namjoo: 165cm

Hayoung: 169cm

Average member height: 165cm (5’5″)

7. f(x)

Member heights:

Victoria: 169cm

Amber: 167cm

Luna: 161cm

Krystal: 165cm

Average member height: 165.5cm (5’5″)

6. Brave Girls

Member heights:

Minyoung: 168cm

Yujeong: 162cm

Eunji: 168cm

Yuna: 165cm

Average member height: 165.8cm (5’5.5″)


Member heights:

Hyolyn: 164cm

Bora: 165cm

Soyou: 168cm

Dasom: 167cm

Average member height: 166cm (5’5.5″)

4. Miss A

Member heights:

Fei: 164cm

Suzy: 168cm

Average member height: 166cm (5’5.5″)

3. T-ARA

Member heights:

Qri: 163cm

Eunjung: 168cm

Hyomin: 167cm

Jiyeon: 167cm

Average member height: 166.3cm (5’5.5″)

2. Girl’s Day

Member heights:

Sojin: 167cm

Yura: 170cm

Minah: 164cm

Hyeri: 167cm

Average member height: 167cm (5’5.5″)

1. Nine Muses

Member heights:

Hyemi: 170cm

Gyeongree: 171cm

Sojin: 170cm

Keumjo: 167cm

Average member height: 169.5cm (5’6.5″)