16 Skinship-Heavy Moments In Male K-Pop Dances That Will Make You Sweat

Whoever choreographed these knew what they were doing

The K-Pop industry has some of the coolest choreographies in the music world, and encompasses so many genres of dance that it’s hard to keep up. Dance in the industry has seemed to evolve over time, too, with most groups these days seeming to compete over who can make the most interesting, complex, or difficult dances to attempt.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the use of interactions and “skinship” during dances. Whether it’s a complex movement that involves the whole group interacting together, or a pair of members getting close and personal with each other, fans can never get enough of seeing this sort of interaction on stage!

Here are 16 of the most iconic skinship moments in K-Pop choreographies.

1. VIXX’s traveling skinship in the first verse of “Love Me Do”

2. NU’EST’s trio engagement in “Stay Up All Night”

3. The soft hug in Wanna One’s “Beautiful”

4. The intense duo interaction in A.C.E.’s “Undercover”

5. The spank in BTS’s “War of Hormone”

6. The traveling duo skinship in SEVENTEEN’S “HIT”

7. So many parts of NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop”

8. The risque positions in UP10TION’s “Attention”

9. The aggressive hug in ASTRO’s “All Night”

10. Heechul and Leeteuk’s caress in Super Junior’s “Bonamana”

11. The sensual couple dances in EXO’s “Playboy”

12. The close chair dancing in SHINee’s “Good Evening”

13. The complex interaction in Stray Kids’ “Levanter”

14. The sweet hand holding in NU’EST’s “Segno”

15. Basically the entire dance for SEVENTEEN’s “Lilili Yabbay”

16. Hyuk’s caress by the other members in VIXX’s “Chained Up”