26 K-Pop Slang Terms Every True Fan Should Know

Here are the words that will prove your K-Pop knowledge!

1. Aegyo 애교

Acting really cute. Aegyo can be performed by both male and females. It is often expected from idols. You can even find videos of the toughest idols attempting aegyo!


2. Jeongmal 정말

The Korean way for expressing disbelief and annoyance. The Korean equivalent of saying “Really?” or “Seriously?”


3. Maknae 막내

The youngest member of each K-Pop group. Interestingly a maknae in one group can be older than the oldest member in another group. But maknaes will always hold a special place in their groups!



4. Fighting! 화이팅

A phrase that means “You can do it!” Fighting is directly taken from English and given new meaning!


5. All-Kill

All-Kill is when a song ranks #1 across all of Korea’s major real-time music charts like Melon or Naver Music. In most cases, this happens as soon as the song is released but achieving an All-Kill is a major mark of how popular a song is and shouldn’t be taken lightly!


6. Sasaeng

An overly obsessive fan that are known for their intense and questionable behavior. Sasaengs have been known to stalk or otherwise invade the privacy of their idols. The extreme behavior is often looked down upon by other fans due to the harm they cause the idols.


7. Sunbae and Hoobae

TVXQ’s Yunho is SUPER JUNIOR Dongae’s sunbae.

A sunbae is a senior with more experience within the industry, having debuted before the hoobae groups. In other words hoobaes have less experience and have great respect for their sunbaes.


8. Daebak 대박

Similar to the English expression “jackpot.” Daebak has also taken on the more general meaning of “awesome” or “amazing.” You can use this phrase to describe everything from a great party to a tasty meal or even in a situation where you’re shocked or surprised!


9. Andwae 안돼 or 안 돼

The Korean way of saying “No way.” If you ever find yourself watching too many K-Dramas, variety shows, or watching behind the scenes videos from your favorite artists, you’ll likely also find yourself accidentally saying this in real life!


10. Bias and Ultimate Bias

Your bias is your favorite idol or actor who you’ll support no matter what. You can have a bias from each group you like. On the other hand your ultimate bias is like the king or queen of your bias list.


11. Body rolls

A sexy dance move used by K-Pop idols that looks exactly how it sounds. If you’ve been into K-Pop long enough there is no way you don’t know this one!


12. Hallyu

Hallyu is also known as the Korean Wave and refers to the rising popularity of Korean culture since the 1990s.


13. Kkab 

What you call someone when they’re acting overly crazy or energetic to the point that it’s getting annoying.


14. Mat-seon 맞선

In K-Dramas, it’s when the parents get involved in their children’s love life and set up a formal blind date. It occurs more than you think!


15. Omo!  오모

Essentially the Korean version of “OMG!” You may also find yourself saying this one!


16. Ottoke? 어떻게

An expression of desperation or confusion, like saying “What to do?” or “What do I do?


17. Sangnamja 상남자

What people imagine as a manly man. This includes a muscular body, masculine features and the like.


18. Jjang

This is a common one that can be heard often!  It’s slang word that means “the best,” “top of top,” or just plain “awesome!”


19. Godabi 고답이

We all have that friend that’s always slow to catch on. This phrase, which comes from the Korean word for sweet potato, is used to describe someone who just doesn’t get it.


20. Simkung 심쿵

This phrase is made up of two words that refer to the heart. Translated, it roughly means “heartthrob” and you can use it to refer to a huge crush.


21. Mwongmi?  뭥미?

Slang that came from pressing a Korean keyboard too quickly, this phrase means “What the…?!”


22. Haengsyo 행쇼

Made famous by BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, this phrase is used to say goodbye. Translated it means “be happy” but it is similar to saying “peace!” when you leave a friend.


23. Dapjungnuh 답정너

This is an abbreviated phrase you use to describe someone that is always looking for compliments. Whether it’s that friend that asks “Do I look fat in this?” or they already know their good-looking and search for confirmation, we all know someone that this could describe.


24. Bbakchinda 빡친다

Close to a curse word but not quite. You use this phrase when you are super annoyed and angry. You might shout this if you stub your toe or if someone makes you really mad.


25. Geumsabba 금사빠

An abbreviated phrase that translates to “loves is the moment.” Use this to describe your friends that always falls in love the moment they see someone.


26. Utpudah 웃프다

A mix of two words that mean funny and sad, this phrase is for situations where you don’t know if you should laugh or cry.