SM Entertainment Is Behind 14 Of The Most Iconic Memes In K-Pop

If you’re not familiar with these, you should be!

There are countless hilarious K-Pop memes on the internet, so many that we can’t even keep track. With all the content that’s being released from K-Pop artists daily, it isn’t surprising that much of the material is memeable content! SM Entertainment‘s artists, in particular, seem to have the perfect clips and pictures made into memes, and a recent Reddit post asked fans to share some of their favorites. Here are 14 of the best memes from SM Entertainment.

1. The “Zimzalabim” witch video.

Red Velvet‘s “Zimzalabim” sounded like some kind of cult ritual song to some fans, and it’s oddly fitting to put over this witchy clip!

2. “Shawty Imma party ’til the sun down.”

This iconic line rapped by Sehun from EXO‘s “Love Me Right” is arguably the most well-known thing to come out of that entire era of the group’s music.

3. Sehun’s dog Vivi.

A lot of people felt like this photo of EXO’s Sehun’s dog, Vivi, was quite relatable, so of course it was made into a meme!

4. “SM water tastes like water.”

Red Velvet’s Wendy‘s comment on the company’s water match too perfectly to her song “Like Water”, so someone mashed them together perfectly.

5. “My name is Minho.”

This clip of Minho’s rapping from SHINee‘s time on Korea’s SNL is definitely a classic.

6. Yeri’s headphones.

This adorable and hilarious clip of Red Velvet’s Yeri wearing headphones has reached a ridiculous number of views!

7. Melania Trump and Minho.

Two different worlds collided when former First Lady Melania Trump visited South Korea and met SHINee’s Minho, and the reactions of the girls realizing the K-Pop idol is behind them was priceless.

8. Clown Key.

This is another classic from SHINee, which shows SHINee’s Key dressing up like Ronald McDonald and looking empty while doing so.

9. Yuri’s fright.

We’re not sure what was scaring Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri in this gif, but her reaction to it was gold!

10. Ryeowook being confident.

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook has many hilarious moments, and his yelling “OH I’M CONFIDENT” on Knowing Bros is just one of them.

11. Taemin being that K-Pop guy.

Pretty much everyone has seen this gif of SHINee’s Taemin looking terrified and then relieved, and it’s spread far and wide outside of the K-Pop community.

12. Tiffany’s meme face.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany sported an uncanny resemblance to a very old meme in this photo!

13. Changmin’s “triangle hair”.

There were a lot of cringy K-Pop hairstyles back in the early days of the music genre, and TVXQ‘s Changmin’s “triangle hair” was definitely among them.

14. Mark’s eggs.

A fan of NCT‘s Mark shared a picture of him making eggs with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay… And he was not impressed.

Source: Reddit