Fans Have Noticed These 6 Small Differences Between K-Pop Generations

Small but mighty!

Although there are no clear lines that mark the different generations of K-Pop, there is a pretty big agreement as to what groups belong to which generation. With at least three generations fully recognized by the K-Pop community, it’s easy to spot some of the big differences in regards but it isn’t always easy to notice some of the smaller things. Here are just a few of the small differences that netizens have noticed about the K-Pop generations.


1. More gender neutral performances

Compared to earlier versions of K-Pop, many of the songs and dance routines that are done by the third generation and even some of the second generation idols could be done by girl groups or boy groups. We’ve even seen boy groups totally pull off the cuter concepts that are typically done by girl groups, so we know this is totally true!


2. Better styling

This one is pretty subjective since fashion trends are constantly changing. What the first gen wore might look totally strange to us now, but they were probably totally styling then. That being said, idols now do get to wear a lot of high-end products that just weren’t as common before.


3. Interested and aware of how songs do internationally

K-Pop in generally is a lot more aware of its impact globally. Idols are more connected to fans than ever before and K-Pop is taking the world by storm. In the past, it wasn’t quite as common to see companies or groups take a big interest in their international fandoms but now you can see a lot of effort in connecting fans all over the world.


4. Less interaction between idol groups

Some fans have said they have noticed there has been a decrease in the number of interactions between different idol groups. They cite the many fun interactions between groups that are considered part of the second generation like Super Junior, BIGBANG, and Girls’ Generation. Meanwhile, many of the newer idol group’s just don’t get to hang out as often!


5. Global access

If you were an international fan back in the day, it was hard to actually connect with your groups or other fans. Now that’s not really a problem! We’ve got fan pages, fan cafes, different SNS platforms, and so many forums dedicated to all things K-Pop that it’s really easy to connect with everyone!


6. Emphasis on dance

Emphasis on dance might be the wrong choice of words since K-Pop has always given us some amazing dance performances, but fans have noticed that as the years go by choreography has gotten more intense and has been incorporated into the songs beautifully.