19 Smol But Powerful K-Pop Idols That Made Us Fall In Love

Big things come in small packages

A lot of very tall idols get recognition for their incredible height, long legs, and nice proportions, but smaller idols deserve some love too! This list of idols proves that you can be any size to have immense talent and charisma on stage. Even if they don’t have the biggest physical presence, their unique personalities and incredible skills make them stand out among the crowd for sure. Here are 19 of the shortest – but still amazing – idols in the industry.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi (164 cm/5’4″)

2. TWICE’s Dahyun and Chaeyoung (Both 159cm/5’2.5″)

3. NCT’s Ten (171 cm/5’6″)

4. Lovelyz’s Baby Soul (157 cm/5’2″)

5. iKON’s Jinhwan (165cm/5’4″)

6. Red Velvet’s Irene and Yeri (Both 158cm/5’2″)


7. PENTAGON’s Jinho (168cm/5’5″)

8. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, Taeyeon, and Hyoyeon (156cm/5’1.5″, 157cm/5’2″, 158cm/5’2″)

9. EXO’s D.O., Suho, and Xiumin (All 172cm/5’6″)


10. Lee Hi (156cm/5’1.5″)

11. BTS’s Jimin (174cm/5’7″)

12. DIA’s Eunchae (155cm/5’1″)

13. Stray Kids’ Changbin (167cm/5’5″)