These Are The 50 Most Popular K-Pop Soloist Music Videos Of The First Half Of 2022

Three have over 50 million views!

2022 is just about half over already, and there have been some phenomenal K-Pop music videos that have been released in the past six months. Here are the 50 most popular music videos by K-Pop soloists, based on their view counts on YouTube!

50. “Wonderland” by AleXa

Views: 3.92 million

Likes: 193.9k

49. “Best Lover” by BIBI

Views: 3.96 million

Likes: 148.6k

48. “I Love You” by Lim Youngwoong

Views: 4.08 million

Likes: 83.8k

47. “DEEP” by HYO

Views: 4.24 million

Likes: 295.0k

46. “Grey Suit” by Suho

Views: 4.25 million

Likes: 605.8k

45. “Pity Party” by Jamie

Views: 4.28 million

Likes: 148.5k

44. “Roller Coaster” by Jeong Sewoon

Views: 5.05 million

Likes: 11.5k

43. “My Life” by Mark Tuan

Views: 5.21 million

Likes: 336.9k

42. “WINNER” by Ravi

Views: 6.08 million

Likes: 21.1k

41. “Tattoo” by AleXa

Views: 6.37 million

Likes: 150.5k

40. “BTBT” by B.I

Views: 6.61 million

Likes: 422.8k

39. “Today’s Weather” by Dongwoon

Views: 6.85 million

Likes: 5.15k

38. “Ruby” by Woozi

Views: 6.86 million

Likes: 562.2k

37. “Parade” by Kang Daniel

Views: 6.99 million

Likes: 50.0k

36. “I Like That” by Yua

Views: 7.06 million

Likes: 2.15k

35. “Play” by Yuju

Views: 7.73 million

Likes: 355.0k

34. “Eye On You” by Wonho

Views: 7.99 million

Likes: 205.6k

33. “Ganji” by PSY

Views: 8.07 million

Likes: 329.2k

32. “C.I.T.T (Cheese in the Trap)” by Moonbyul

Views: 8.37 million

Likes: 172.4k

31. “Dessert” by Kim Yohan

Views: 8.73 million

Likes: 102.3k

30. “NOW” by PSY (ft. Hwasa)

Views: 8.85 million

Likes: 399.5k

29. “Maniac” by Max Changmin

Views: 9.52 million

Likes: 43.1k

28. “Dice” by Onew

Views: 10.02 million

Likes: 206.6k

27. “Chuck” by CL

Views: 10.53 million

Likes: 153.9k

26. “Our Blues” by Lim Youngwoong

Views: 10.82 million

Likes: 121.8k

25. “Love Shhh!” by Jo Yuri

Views: 11.11 million

Likes: 127.5k

24. “Lunatic” by Moonbyul

Views: 11.13 million

Likes: 326.1k

23. “Voyager” by Kihyun

Views: 11.17 million

Likes: 170.0k

22. “Born To Love You” by Kang Seungyoon

Views: 11.24 million

Likes: 321.3k

21. “If We Ever Meet Again” by Lim Youngwoong

Views: 11.96 million

Likes: 118.0k

20. “Switch” by Kim Wooseok

Views: 12.76 million

Likes: 66.4k

19. “My You” by Jungkook

Views: 13.02 million

Likes: 2.37 million

18. “Devil” by Max Changmin

Views: 13.58 million

Likes: 108.9k

17. “Can’t Control Myself” by Taeyeon

Views: 13.69 million

Likes: 569.8k

16. “Drive” by Miyeon

Views: 13.78 million

Likes: 359.7k

15. “I Hate You” by WOODZ

Views: 13.82 million

Likes: 143.2k

14. “Child” by Mark

Views: 13.90 million

Likes: 1.15 million

13. “Glitch” by Eunbi

Views: 14.28 million

Likes: 158.6k

12. “Make Me Happy” by Wheein

Views: 15.41 million

Likes: 204.6k

11. “Celeb” by PSY

Views: 18.16 million

Likes: 742.7k

10. “Honey” by Solar

Views: 18.18 million

Likes: 605.5k

9. “GANADARA” by Jay Park (ft. IU)

Views: 18.57 million

Likes: 759.3k

8. “Stay Alive” by Jungkook

Views: 20.31 million

Likes: 2.00 million

7. “Upside Down” by Kang Daniel

Views: 21.89 million

Likes: 217.2k

6. “Smiley” by Yena

Views: 23.35 million

Likes: 511.6k

5. “Blow” by Jackson Wang

Views: 24.58 million

Likes: 1.04 million

4. “INVU” by Taeyeon

Views: 34.26 million

Likes: 1.03 million

3. “Slow Mo” by BamBam

Views: 50.68 million

Likes: 362.6k

2. “ZOOM” by Jessi

Views: 84.08 million

Likes: 2.73 million

1. “That That” by PSY ft. Suga

Views: 232.9 million

Likes: 8.20 million